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Denver Broncos have 62% chance of getting first round bye

Our friends at have calculated the odds and the they are good for the Denver Broncos.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The NFL is officially nearing playoff season and the Denver Broncos (10-2) couldn't have asked to be in a better position to seize the moment. According to numberFire, they have a 62% chance of getting a first round bye in the playoffs, but just a 34% chance of getting the top seed in the AFC.

Here are all of the odds for the Broncos heading into Week 14.

  • First Round Bye: 62.18% (Change: 18.72%)
  • 1-seed: 33.84% (Change: 16.78%)
  • 2-seed: 28.34% (Change: 1.94%)
  • Conference Championship: 17.98% (Change: 5.12%)
  • Super Bowl: 6.18% (Change: 1.96%)
  • Division: 94.6% (Change: 3.46%)

Looking over their power rankings, the Broncos are ranked 8th - one spot below the surging Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are peaking a bit early, but they have clearly been playing really good football over the last month. Meanwhile, the Broncos have gone through a slump and a new quarterback.

For the Broncos odds to keep trending upwards, they will need to take care of both of their division games. One this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders and the other in Week 17 against the San Diego Chargers. Ultimately, they control their own destiny if they win out, but the Broncos could theoretically lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers and still take a first round bye with a Monday Night Football victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.