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Super Bowl XLIX preview and predictions

The 2015 Super Bowl is here - the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl XLIX is here, and it's the worst possible matchup for fans of the Denver Broncos or sportsmanship.

Here is how the Mile High Report staff sees it going down (predicted score, MVP, and optionally, a paragraph explaining the pick)!

Scotty Payne: Seahawks 31, Patriots 3. Marshawn Lynch wins MVP. "You know why I'm here".

I'm only watching to see Katy Perry. Go Seattle I guess. Make Brady cry.

Jon Heath: Patriots 35, Seahawks 20, NE. MVP: LaGarette Blount

Big Pete: Prediction?

Topher Doll: Patriots 28, Seahawks 24. MVP Devin McCourty.

This is going to be epic. If the Seahawks win they'll have proven they have the right to be the first true dynasty since the Patriots... by beating the Patriots. If New England wins, that coaching staff and Brady can claim to be among the most successful of all time, also I don't believe a quarterback has won a Super Bowl a decade after their last win. A dynasty trying to burn bright in it's final years and one trying to prove it can be compared to the fading dynasty, no matter who wins, greatness will exit the field.

Moving on from the story of the Super Bowl, Seattle is the more talented team by quite a margin, but the Patriots are far better coached, this likely won't be 2013 again where the Broncos had talent but poor leadership from coaches and players, that doesn't happen on the Patriots team. I could see Seattle winning this, their secondary is no joke and matchup well, but Wilson worries me and I don't see them winning if he makes mistakes like those he's struggled with this post season. Throw in Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady are among the best game day planners in the league and aren't afraid to make adjustments in game. Seattle is known for it's smart players on defense, who can read and adjust pre-snap, so I expect this game might come down to who adjusts better.

Amy Richau: Patriots 30 Seahawks 21. MVP - Tom Brady. Because he had a cold and he was still so damn clutch.

I predict the Seahawks will be poor losers and the Patriots will be poor winners. Boo hoo hoo. We won the Super Bowl but everyone thinks we're cheaters . . .

Additional prediction: I will still be bitter about how the Broncos season ended for at least 48 more hours.

Sadaraine: I keep trying to do this, but then I puke in mouth a little bit. Sorry, but for my health I'm going to let you guys prognosticate on the most disgusting Super Bowl of the common era and bow out.

Brian Shrout: Final score: 0-0. MVP: the officials

The NFL steps in and calls the game after five overtimes and declares that there is no Super Bowl champion this year. The officials get the MVP award for alerting the Seahawks to every attempt by New England to finesse the rules while at the same time ejecting Marshawn Lynch for refusing to wear a regulation uniform.

Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann: hahaha...first, I want to add I love Brian's prediction ;)

Prediction: Patriots 31-28. MVP will be the ball boy

I hate this game. I have been less excited for other Super Bowls because I didn't care either way. But I cannot think of another one where I've been this angry about the teams playing.

While I think it will be a high-scoring, close game between two well-coached (grrrrrr) teams, I hope it is the worst game ever. No touchdowns. New England wins 6-3. Seahawks fans don't leave early because they think they learned their lesson, but this time those two minutes wind down and there's no magic to be conjured. Just a terrible game where the commercials were the only highlight.

A girl can dream, right?

Go Broncos. "We're on to 2015-16"

Kelly Fleming: Patriots 34 Seahawks 20. MVP - Rob Gronkowski

Tom Brady is out of the game with a cold forcing Garoppolo to come in, throwing for 4 touchdowns against Sherman, and winning MVP. That is my hope, but not my prediction. This is hard to stomach. The Seahawks are coming into this game with probably the luckiest playoff schedule in the history of sports, playing the 2nd worst team to ever make the playoffs and barely beating out the poorly coached Packers with an injured Rodgers. The Patriots handily beat the Lions and the Bills (when their starters were playing) who are arguably stronger defenses this season. I do think some luck will help out the Seahawks, but luck doesn't beat cheaters.

Monty: Seahawks 31, Patriots 16. MVP: Marshawn Lynch

I like the Seahawks' ability to stop the Patriots' offense more than I like New England's ability to slow down Marshawn Lynch, even if they sell out to stop the run. Russell Wilson makes them pay with a few clutch passes to open up the running game, and Seattle is able to cruise to a second Super Bowl.

It's amazing; after Super Bowl XLVIII, I never, ever thought I'd be cheering for Seattle, but I can't stand New England enough to be hoping the Seahawks shut them up.

Consensus winner: Patriots (five votes)

Consensus MVP: None (five different vote-getters are Blount, McCourty, Brady, Gronk, and the ball boy).

Here's to 2015-16, Broncos fans! Give us your predictions (score + MVP) in the comments.