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Super Bowl 49: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots

Come watch the game today with us and enjoy the fair weather fans like the ones pictured above cheer for the Seattle Seahawks for this game.
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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The trendy thing these days is to be a Seattle Seahawks fan, so expect it to be loud for them. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots are the trendy "I hate you" pick. As much as it pains me, I am pulling for a Tom Brady curb stomping of the arrogant, loud-mouthed, fair weather fandom posers in the Seattle Seahawks.

Plus, the Patriots are representing the AFC and when I despise both teams that is my fall-back option. Unless its the Oakland Raiders anyway.

The experts are going with the NFC - obviously - and pulling for a repeat champion in the Seattle Seahawks. The team that wins in the most fluky ways, such as fake field goals, Hail Mary two-point conversations and whacky on-side kicks. Never has a team won a conference title been more undeserving of the win. Luck is a part of football, but at some point the pendulum always swings back to the medium. At some point, it must swing back against the Seahawks.

Tom Brady is a quarterback I respect greatly. Probably more so than I ever did Peyton Manning as an opponent. He is the type of quarterback that plays his best football when angry. And this week, he should be plenty angry with no one in the football world giving him a chance to win and all the handling of balls questions he had to suffer through since their 40 point beat down of the Indianapolis Colts in their own conference title game. I expect Brady to dominate.

Now. If he doesn't dominate, then this game is going to be unwatchable for me. It's either got to be a blowout dominating Patriots win or this game is going to suck regardless for me. If I had a suffer any kind of win, I'd rather it be an embarrassing defeat for the Seahawks than anything else.

Here's to the Patriots! The only time I'll probably ever say that.