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Report: Broncos are unsure if they want Peyton Manning back in 2015

The Peyton Manning saga continues.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Bleacher Reports Jason Cole, the Denver Broncos are reportedly unsure if they want Peyton Manning back in 2015.

It was reported last night that Manning has started training, and intendeds to play in 2015 for the Denver Broncos. However, Cole reported today that he has spoken to two sources close to the team and that the team is uncertain if they want Manning back in 2015. Cole goes on to say that the Broncos could fail Manning's physical.

"At this point in his career, the Broncos could fail Peyton Manning for any reason, including the four neck surgeries that he has already had," said Cole "In talking to sources close to the team, there's a big question here about whether the Broncos want to bring him back for one more year. They're going to have to feel very comfortable about this."

There are some factors going against Manning. He will be turning 39 years old this February, and the future Hall of Famer did struggle down the stretch for the Broncos. The question is how much of his struggles were because of his quad injuries, or did his neck surgeries and age finally catch up to him?

Manning spoke last week about his physical and he said he feels confident that he will pass it.

"Don't see it being that significant, I feel pretty confident I would pass that physical, that my neck is in good shape. I'd like to avoid a crowd standing outside the MRI room, if possible. I've felt secure about that the past three years and feel the same about that."

The Denver Posts Mike Klis reported last night that despite Manning beginning to workout he plans to speak personally with General Manager John Elway and Joe Ellis before making his final decision.

In the end, Cole says that he "probably" sees Manning in Denver for one more season, hinting that if Manning does return to the Broncos that this will be his final season in the NFL.