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Peyton Manning, back in Denver, meets with Broncos brass about future

Because actions speak louder than words.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to saying you want a player, actions speak louder than words.

Back in January, John Elway made it clear, saying, "We want Peyton back." Then reports/rumors leaked that the Broncos may not want Peyton Manning to come back out of concerns for his health.

So Broncos President and CEO Joe Ellis acted in a way that spat in the face of that report.

He hopped on a plane and picked up his quarterback over 1,000 miles away.

Here's what else we learned

  • No announcement has been made, and Peyton went home after meeting with John Elway.
  • Peyton still has to take his physical, and it has to be in a time window between Feb. 23rd and March 5th.
  • Gary Kubiak was also in the building Thursday, preparing for the combine, but it isn't clear whether Manning had the subsequent meeting with Kubes he reportedly wanted.

We've also learned that my patience is wearing agonizingly thin. The wait continues, and John Elway is a way cooler customer than me.