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Horse Tracks: New turf at Sports Authority Field at Mile High?

The field at Sports Authority Field at Mile High is currently all torn up.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning Broncos Country! This morning we're going to talk about some new Colorado Grass.

The Denver Broncos have announced that they have begun major field renovations at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Renovations have already begun at the Stadium and everything is expected to be wrapped up by late April/early May.

The Broncos have decided to replace the grass, as well as the field infrastructure. Below the grass, there are layers of sand, grass mix, gravel and heating piping that goes into what makes the field so sturdy and capable of lasting years.

"Our plan is basically a full renovation from at least 12 inches down, starting from the field warming systems to the pipes that allow us to grow grass and have a safe playing surface through some of the winter months here in Colorado, as well as all the sand and soil mixture that helps support growth,"

The Broncos plan on improving the grass, as well as all the components below the playing field. They plan on improving the heating pipes, heating controls, field heating sensors, improving the drainage, replacing irrigation heads and valves. This will give the Broncos a better looking and safer field for foreseeable future.

The new Broncos turf will be 100 percent Kentucky bluegrass.

According to Denver Broncos Vice President of Public Relations Patrick Smyth, the new field will offer better "play-ability" as well as being safer for the players. They will also be able to re-sod the new turf. They were not able to do this to the prior field because it was a synthetic which requires re-seeding.

"With the synthetic fibers that we had in the field, we hadn't necessarily been able to do a lot of the work below the surface," Myhra said. "So we're really excited to make any repairs or improvements that we can as part of this renovation to make the best playing surface for all of those that are on the field and for the organization."

The Denver Outlaws will be the first to play on the new field during their home opener against the Charlotte Hounds on May 3.

Peyton Manning meets with John Elway:

Denver Broncos CEO Joe Ellis hopped aboard owner Pat Bowlen's private Jet on Thursday to pick up Peyton Manning who was reportedly training in New Orleans this past week.

Manning met with Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway when he arrived. However, Manning left the facility without making an announcement on his playing status for 2015.

According to ESPN's Jeff Legwold, Manning will have an exam on his neck so the Broncos and Manning to get an idea on his health. As we know if Manning is still on the Broncos roster on March 9th, his salary is fully guaranteed for 2015.

According to Legwold, Manning's fused vertebrae's are not the issue. It's the areas above and below the area that are the concern. Those are the areas where any degenerative issues would occur.

I just wish he would make his decision already.

Horse Tracks: