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Create-A-Caption contest: High flying edition

Create a caption for this picture and win a prize the adoration of your fellow Bronco fans! Think witty, hilarious, and clever - and remember to keep it clean. Give us your best caption in the comments.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

What is the MHR Create-a-Caption contest you ask? Every week MHR will give you a photo and we're looking to you to create the funniest, wittiest, most hysterically awesome caption for it.

As we are now in the offseason the caption contest is a bit scaled back. It won't be every week and right now we don't have a prize to give you. But don't let that stop you from joining in the fun!

Enter your wittiest, most clever captions in the comments. The winner will be announced in the next edition of the caption contest.

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