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Video: Alex Gibbs breaks down the Broncos' former/current run blocking scheme

Get coached up by one of the greats.

Alex Gibbs is the Godfather of the Denver Broncos' zone blocking scheme that saw the team win two Super Bowls in 1997 and 1998. The Broncos still use elements of Gibbs' system - in fact, he was hired as an offensive consultant by the Broncos prior to the 2013 season.

With Rick Dennison returning as Broncos offensive coordinator, elements of the zone-blocking system are expected to return in 2015. Said Dennison: "I think the challenge every year going in is figuring out what your team does best, whether it's zone, man or gap. We'll go and do what we do best based on personnel and we're really just scratching the surface about looking about personnel and who we have. We have to accumulate the team first. Once we accumulate the team, we'll figure out what we do, run and pass."

Still, my expectation is that the Broncos will return to a mostly-ZBS scheme and find the personnel to run it.

In this video, from back in Gibbs' first run as Broncos assistant coach, Gibbs takes us to school. It's over two hours long, so good to break it up in chunks. I know what I'll be watching trying to watch despite crappy WiFi on my flight to Dallas Monday morning.

H/T Field Gulls