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Horse Tracks: Julius Thomas wants that big pay day, not that diamond-studded ring

Denver Broncos sort of stud tight end, Julius Thomas, was thrown under the bus by some/one of his teammates yesterday - according to "shock jock" Brandon Spano. Take these quotes with a grain of salt, but certainly offer up your opinion on them!

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As someone who explained the lack of playing time from Julius Thomas as a nagging high ankle sprain, I can safely say that I've been biased towards Thomas rather than against him. However, the more that comes out the more I begin to question my own biases for him.

The latest comes from Brandon Spano who found himself a talkative Denver Broncos teammate of Julius Thomas' who laid it all out there for all of us to read. Several quotes from this piece are quite damning to Julius the football player, which makes it highly unlikely that he'll get any kind of offer from John Elway this free agency period. Spano would go on to share:

"Julius is here to get his money and get out," one teammate told me last week. "That’s just how some guys are. He didn’t grow up playing this game and it’s just not in his DNA to put it all out there." When asked if Julius Thomas was soft like some say, he said, " where there’s smoke, there’s fire." According to the teammate, Julius Thomas was healthy enough to play multiple times last season but refused to. In one instance Julius Thomas was heard saying, "I’m about 90% – I’m getting close."

Yikes. If that is straight truth, then Julius is not the kind of guy you want in the locker room of a Super Bowl contender. Send him to the Oakland Raiders, they'll take that kind of player. This source clearly doesn't like Thomas, considering they went so far as to say:

"Julius Thomas plays football because he can but not because he has to. He has no long term aspirations for it and is not looking to make a lengthy career out of it."

Again. Yikes! Apparently, being a good teammate is not to ****ing easy for this guy. Still, wherever Julius ends up he needs to hear these accusations and play the game like its meant to be played. He'll probably figure it out, but not in Denver. Hopefully, he doesn't end up another Eddie "Bronco-killer" Kennison. That would be annoying.

What do you all think of this report?

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