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Peyton Manning returns to Saturday Night Live for 40th anniversary special

Sure maybe your quarterback just won a 4th Super Bowl ring. But has he taught young children how to break into cars and evade the police? I didn't think so.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There are a lot of questions about Peyton Manning's ability to succeed on a football field next season if he returns to the Denver Broncos. However, there should be no question that Manning will absolutely kill it in his upcoming performance on Saturday Night Live. Because while a second Super Bowl ring is proving to be elusive for the future HOFer, getting laughs on the small screen appears to be a sure thing for Manning.

On Sunday February 15th Saturday Night Live will be celebrating their 40th anniversary. Manning will join fellow athlete Derek Jeter and a few dozen other celebrities to help SNL celebrate this milestone. It's not surprising that Manning was asked to be a part of such a high profile anniversary show for SNL considering his last appearance on the show in 2007.

If you've somehow missed it, here's the best segment.

While I would much rather be basking in the glow of my team's Super Bowl victory - right now I'll settle for setting my DVR and looking forward to a good laugh on the 15th.

As Manning is appearing as just one of many special guests this go around on SNL I doubt we will be treated to anything as funny as the United Way clip above. However, I do hope Manning gets a chance to find some humor in his current situation.

Perhaps a short run for 5 yards on an open stage is in order?

While we're looking back at some of Peyton's funny moments on SNL we may as well also revisit his interview with Ron Burgundy, his last music video with his brother Eli, and Manning's latest round of Gatorade commercials.