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Could the Denver Broncos have interest in Charles Clay?

With Julius Thomas probably not coming back to Denver, could the Broncos have interest in tight end Charles Clay?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos need a tight end, with Julius Thomas seemingly inevitably on his way out and Virgil Green and Jacob Tamme both hitting the free agent market as well.

We already know that the Broncos are in the free-agent tight end market because they’re among the seven teams known to be visiting with free agent tight end James Casey.

Another name that is being tossed around by The Denver Posts Mike Klis, and ESPN Denver's Cecil Lammey is tight end Charles Clay.

This seems like more speculation than reporting, but both seem to believe that the Broncos could target Clay when Free Agency begins.

Clay is a 6'3 250lb tight end/fullback who has been an effective weapon the past two seasons for the Miami Dolphins.  In 2013, Clay totaled 69 receptions for 759 yards and had 58 receptions for 605 yards in 2014. He also combined for 9 total touchdowns during those two seasons.

Clay is one of the more versatile H-Backs in the NFL. He has the size and speed to be an effective tight end, and an effective blocker when called to be a fullback.

Clay would fit in nicely in Gary Kubiak's offense that features the tight ends. His versatility will also be intriguing to Kubiak who has a history of utilizing H-Back type players in his offense. Clay will also be a cheaper option than Julius Thomas. Thomas is expected to be getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 million per year, while Clay is looking to be paid 5 to 6 million dollars per year.

Now if the Broncos deem Clay to be too expensive, Mike Klis says they could look at Owen Daniels and Jordan Cameron as cheaper options to potentially replace Julius Thomas.