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Denver Broncos No Bull roster analysis: Special teams

We take a peek at the Denver Broncos roster and delves into the special teams... Who do we have under contract? What did they look like on the field?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Up next, we're going to dive into the Denver special teams. The purpose of this series is to take a peek at who we have on the team now as we prepare for Free Agency and the NFL Draft. Please note that while I'm going to throw out some basic stats for our guys, that's just for easy reference. The core of my analysis on these guys comes from what I saw on the field.

Disclaimer: The No Bull Review is about what I see on Broncos game day. Players buried on the depth chart or practice squad might not be included.

Special Teams

Connor Barth

Position Games / Started FGA FGM FG% XPA XPM XP%
K 5 / 0 16 15 93.8% 15 15 100%

Current Contract Cap Hit Dead Cap
2nd of 3 years $745k -

I really love the accuracy that Connor Barth brings to the kicking game. The problem is that he can't handle the kick-off duties. That's a big detriment. Last year I do agree we needed to carry three kickers...that was the only workable solution. Moving forward we can't do that though. It will interesting to see how the kicker position shakes out.

  • Very accurate kicker, but I would be very concerned about him trying a 50+ FG

Brandon McManus

Position Games / Started FGA FGM FG% XPA XPM XP%
K 5 / 0 13 9 69.2% 41 41 100%
Current Contract Cap Hit Dead Cap
2nd of 2 years $510k -

Brandon has the opposite problem as Connor. He has a huge leg and really can kick distance very very well. The problem with him is accuracy. He was absolutely atrocious in the kicking game and unless he shows through pre-season a big change in consistency, we can't go into the season with him at kicker.

He does have history punting and I'd love to see him compete for those duties this year

Britton Colquitt

Position Games / Started P Y/P
P 16 / 16 69 44.2

Current Contract Cap Hit Dead Cap
3rd of 4 years $3.75M $1.5M

I'm just not a fan of Colquitt much. He's an average to below average punter (more the latter honestly). He gets paid like he's one of the best in the NFL. That just doesn't make sense to me and is one of the more head-scratching moves from the past few years.

  • Is flat out terrible and pinning opponents inside the 15 or 10 on punts.

Aaron Brewer

Position Games / Started
LT 16 / 0

Current Contract Cap Hit Dead Cap
1st of 4 years $1M ?

Big props to Aaron for staying with us. I have nothing to say bad about him which probably speaks volumes about why the Broncos resigned him. He does his job very very well.

Closing Thoughts / Overview:

For our kicking team, I'd hope we find a solution that doesn't include keeping 3 kickers on the team. I'm the biggest fan of keeping McManus, but having him do kick-offs and punts while Barth handles the FGs. Then if we have a real long one, we have the option to try McManus.

We do have some room to play in free agency, but it isn't much. We will in all likelihood address TE and a starting lineman in short order. The rest of it we can honestly look for solid players that don't break the bank.

Sadaraine's Opinion on Roster Needs by Importance:

  1. Tight End - We are bereft of this position
  2. Right Tackle - This position especially needs an answer
  3. Free Safety - This is a position we've needed to address for years IMO
  4. Left Guard - Losing Franklin was a big hit to our line
  5. Center - I really like the idea of resigning Will Montgomery here as a stop-gap
  6. NT - Sly could do it, but not based off what I saw last year
  7. ILB Depth - Both starters missed time due to injury last year
  8. OLB Depth - We need youth behind the ROLB spot and now is the time to find our future there
  9. FB - Only a need if we don't use Juwan Thompson there (which I love the idea of)