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NFL Free Agency: Broncos sign tight end Virgil Green to new three-year deal

Virgil Green is staying in Denver!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have announced that they have re-signed tight end Virgil Green to a three-year deal. Green's deal with the Broncos is a 3-year deal worth $8.4 million.

Tight end Virgil Green informed the Chicago Bears that he is indeed re-signing the Denver Broncos. With tight end Julius Thomas heading to Jacksonville, the Broncos viewed Green as a replacement for him in Gary Kubiak's offense.

General Manager John Elway noted Virgil Green as a priority back at the Scouting Combine and came through with re-signing the 6'5 255lb tight end.

"Virgil has been a big part of our team the last four years and will continue to be in the future," Elway said. "He’s been a reliable, solid contributor since the day he was drafted. We’re very excited Virgil is returning to the Broncos."

Green has made his mark in the NFL as a run blocker and has become one of the better run blocking tight ends in the NFL.

Green's versatility has lent a lot of benefits to the Broncos' offense, especially as a blocker. He also got his first touchdown reception this past season and has caught 23 career receptions for 206 yards. In addition to traditional work as a tight end blocking and receiving, Green also was a bit of an H-back as a lead blocker at times and even got a few carries as a fullback of sorts.

"I take a lot of pride in [run blocking]," Green said back on Dec. 3. "In college we ran the ball quite a bit so it’s something that has been ingrained in my mind to make those big blocks and spring guys to get them down the field."

I believe Green is an excellent fit in Gary Kubiak's offense that utilizes the tight end as a blocker and a receiver. With Owen Daniels heading to Denver to more than likely sign a deal with the Broncos, it appears the Broncos two starting tight ends will be Virgil Green and Owen Daniels.