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Virgil Green catches the ball? I have evidence

There's a legend of a giant pass-catching TE in Broncos Country.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

By some counts he resembles "The Hulk" himself. A Giant, intimidating muscle on muscle mass ready to catch the rock and bring it downfield as he stomps the life out of any would-be defender. He's part man, part Gronk, call him Mronk...or just call him Virgil.

Virgil received a shade under three million per season in order to re-up with the Broncos on the premise that he will be a more integral part in the Broncos passing game. With Kubiak putting together a playbook for Peyton Manning to run--one that is like to feature a lot of two-tight end sets and even some hybrid 12 looks with Virgil as an "H-Back," one can expect Green to increase the number of targets he receives, especially in the redzone where his size and frame becomes great advantage.

In two seasons under Peyton Manning, Virgil has only been targeted 18 times...two of which have come from backup Brock Osweiler.

So how exactly do we know he's poised for a breakout season?

We don't....

BUT, we now he will get many more reps in the passing game, and we do know he should become another viable threat in the redzone--of the same mold that got Julius Thomas ridiculously overpaid.

With some hard work, Virgil Green will be able to refine his route running. Owen Daniels will help him with that as well. But his size and frame can already be used to create mismatches along the defense.

Here's my proof.


Virgil does a nice job selling his route up the seam. He manages to get good position on a Safety who looks like he is playing zone coverage rather than man. The problem with this is that Charles Woodson is reading the play as the single high-safety meaning that the routes at the top of the screen are occupying his attention. Both Brock and Virgil know this will be open and Virgil makes a nice open field catch and run afterwards. To me it looks like he could win this battle even against good coverage.

virgil green TD

Broncos get the same one on one matchup only this time they use a "Pick" route with Bubba Caldwell. The pick never gets there but you can still see the great body control Virgil has when going up for the grab. He's able to shield the ball with his body and make a seamless transition once his feet touch the ground.

When speaking of Virgil Green the pass catcher, we have a small sample size and a lot of imagination. But once he refines his routes and especially the way he moves in space in the middle of the field, he has all the measurables and ability to become the Broncos next weapon. Who knows, you might be seeing our next Red Zone Monster.

Plus, you know he's also tough as nails and will play much harder than his predecessor.

Sizing up the Contract:

3 years, 8.4 million, 2.5 million guaranteed (1.5 million signing bonus, 1 million roster bonuses), 2015 cap hit of 2.2 million.