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Terrence "Pot Roast" Knighton to sign 1 year, 4 million deal with Washington Redskins


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Steps on Soapbox

I said all season the man was a leader. I said he was the biggest reason for our success in run defense. I said you must pay that man his money, he's earned it....PAY THAT MAN 5 MILLION A YEAR!!!

Falls off Laughing

Now I thought that was a good deal for a man who plays 50% of the snaps in a very limited role. We're talking a 1 Tech-run stopping-nose tackle. This isn't JJ Watt or Ndamukong Suh. We're not even talking Marcel Dareus. This is a completely different ball game, and though Pot Roast flashed the ability to rush the QB, his numbers, production, and role have not consistently placed those numbers into the upper echelon like those other players.

So what was Pot Roast looking for?

It is rumored that the Raiders were offering about 5 million per year. Terrance was reportedly asking for a contract in the neighborhood of 8 million per year with about 20 million guaranteed. That number might have come down a bit to 7 after the initial Raider offer.

There is no one answer as to why the player and market were so far apart, but there is speculation that teams around the league fear Pot Roast has a hard time staying in shape during the season. Earlier in January, Bill Williamson reported that Terrance Knighton has been fined approximately 300K over the course of the past several years for missing "weight markers" during the season. Williamson also noted that Pot Roast was a good dude and a leader within the lockerroom--so don't turn this into a witch hunt either.

This 1 year deal with Washington means one thing. Terrance is going to put him self to the test and give himself what essentially amounts to a one year "prove me" deal.

Here's what I know about Pot Roast. He's always given us respect here at Mile High Report, and he seems like a genuine stand up guy. Business is business and too bad things didn't work out for he and the Broncos. I wish the best for him this next year as looks to prove himself to those around the league. #snodaaaaaat