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Peyton Manning's restructured contract with Broncos includes a no-trade clause

What prompted Peyton Manning's agent to include this clause?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Was trading Peyton Manning a possibility?

Earlier this month, Manning agreed to a $4 million pay cut with the Broncos to free up some cash for the team. The adjusted contract allows for Manning to earn back the $4 million through incentives.

The deal also included a no-trade clause, according to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

Some, including CBS 4's Vic Lombardi, believe that the clause reveals Denver did have a backup plan for 2015. Trading Manning and rolling with Brock Osweiler (or someone else), may have been discussed by Denver.

The clause also shows, as Florio pointed out, that Manning wants to stay in Denver.

The clause is only good through the 2015 season. So Denver could technically trade Manning next year, but it's hard to imagine a team trading for 40-year-old QB with a $21.5 million cap hit.

The NFL is a tough business — few jobs are guaranteed.

But for at least this season, Manning's not going anywhere.