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Broncos fans crowdfund to bring Nate Irving back to Denver

Denver fans have put their endorsements where their mouths are in hopes of bringing linebacker Nate Irving back to the Broncos.

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I asked a simple question on Twitter late last Saturday night:

And then I was inundated with tweets over the course of the next several days.

It started with a very simple, very Colorado offer:

Beer. People love beer everywhere, but in Denver these unshaven men and women really love beer. So it made sense that Ft. Collins' very own Odell Brewing's 90 Shilling was an initial offer. Rich also happens to be the author of Chasing Lombardi: The Elway - Manning Era a great book for any fan of the team to check out.

Then fans got serious.

Within 30 minutes, a haul of a year of X-Box Live, a Sam's Club Membership, Madden 16, FIFA, a Southwestern Air Pass, Call of Duty, Season One of Naked and Afraid and a total of 11 six-packs of beer had been offered up to bring Irving back to wear the orange 5-6.

Now, the thinking among Broncos fans seems to be that maybe Irving is not in Denver's plans with the defense switching to a 3-4 under new/old defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

But fans don't seem to care.

A six-month subscription to Sirius XM Radio, Jake Moir's girlfriend, an offer of head shaving and donation to increase Irving's dreadlocks and a lifetime-supply of Capri Suns are all on the table, plus 5280 Shirt Shop offered to donate its world class T-shirts.

Then the offers got very serious - two Naval base tours were offered up (Whidbey Naval Air Station and San Diego Naval Base), plus Navy T-shirts.

Colorado's most famous wine connoisseur is ready to give up a bottle from her exclusive collection:

Mile High Report's very own got involved:

Be sure to check out Jezru's Arcade.

There were offers that were original and very much off-topic for this blog family:

And some very highly valued offers:

Louis XIII has an average value of $2,100-$3,100 but can be as highly valued as $22,000.

We were receiving regular updates from Colorado Spring's KKTV's Sports Director Sam Farnsworth, who was on the same return flight from Phoenix as the free agent linebacker (where Irving was meeting with the Arizona Cardinals).

The offers kept flowing in the next day, including a weekend retreat at a mountain cabin in Southwest Montana (with indoor plumbing), a basket of delicious German sausages, an autographed Julius Thomas football, the opportunity to name a first-born child, a one-year membership to CostCo, a Dollar Shave Club membership, a seasonal membership to Cedar Ridges Golf Course, a Mew (with the possibility for a Mewtwo) and finally, free Subway for life (from the Subway near his house).

We are formally presenting this offer to Irving's agent and will update the story as it continues. The Broncos and John Elway have also been notified of the fans' offers.

We'll see what's next Denver fans because as of Monday, Irving is on his way to Indianapolis to meet with the Colts.