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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Are you a talker?

Good Morning Broncos Country!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

With Pot Roast gone, it is hard to identify a vocal leader on the Broncos. Some may think that is fine. So long as we have our other 13 Pro Bowlers, we don't need the smoke and mirrors of raw emotion to set the stage for a come back. Right?

Remember "Call the national guard, because we are killing The Patriots"?

Shannon Sharpe was his own caliber of talking waiting to go each week. On one Monday night, he allegedly recited the phone number of Derrick Thomas' girlfriend digit by digit late in a blowout win by the Broncos. This led to several personal foul penalties and ultimately the ejection of Thomas.

There is rumor going around that the Broncos never even offered Pot Roast a viable deal. Some have speculated that it was his mouth, not his stomach, that got him into trouble.

My question is, if a player can play on the field, why should he limit his mouth off of it? Isn't trash talk part of the fun in gamesmanship?

Are you a talker MHR? Will our team miss having vocal leaders?

so long as we write it, they will come

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