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Latimer on playing one-on-one with Manning: 'LOL - Is this a serious question?'

Broncos' wide receiver Cody Latimer accepts my challenge to talk a little hoops, a sport we here in Broncos Country know this guy is pretty good at playing. Luckily for us, he's saving his dunks for the offseason and putting that vertical leap to good use on the FOOTBALL field.

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So while I've been wallowing in my sorrow that my Iowa State Cyclones were the first upset casualty of March Madness, I'm still a huge fan of the tournament and now cling to the hope that UAB is the Cinderella team of 2015!

I'm also a huger fan (yes, it's a word) of Cody Latimer than I was two weeks ago, and it's not just because everyone thinks we have the same last name or that he's kind of a stud wide receiver in-the-making.

It's because he agreed to a SECOND interview and it's all about that little college basketball tournament going on right now. That's three of my favorite things all in one - Broncos, March Madness and reporting.

(Cody, if you're reading this, I just ordered my No. 14 jersey but for some reason it says, "Lattimore" on the back? Weird.)

As many of you know, Latimer is not only a baller on the football field, he also has some serious hard court skills, having won a dunk contest at Indiana last spring.

That's right, Indiana. A basketball powerhouse.

Latimer claims best Bronco on hard court

So although Latimer wouldn't commit to choosing his winner of the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, he did talk about his beloved Hoosiers, being the best dunker on the Broncos, and the chances of challenging Peyton Manning to game of one-on-one.

Spoiler alert - a Manning/Latimer game ain't happenin'.

(Also, my name is still Lattimore-Volkmann, but that's not as much fun as a "Lattimore-Latimer" interview, is it?)

Lattimore - Five Thirty Eight gives Indiana a 28 percent chance of winning its first March Madness game against Wichita State today - how much do you believe in your Hoosiers and how far can they go?
Latimer - I BELIEVE more in my Indiana family than 28%! I believe coach Tom Crean is an amazing coach and has a team full of talented competitors who he knows how to win with. I also believe Indiana will make it to the Sweet 16, which they have accomplished in previous years.

Lattimore - Are you brave enough to pick anyone besides Kentucky to take it all?
Latimer - During March there is always Madness, where upsets occur more than not. It is too hard to make a prediction right now due to the talent levels and competitive play among the college athletes.

Lattimore - Which team's talent do you like best in this tourney?
Latimer - I have to always ride with my Hoosier family - 24 sports, one team.

I can take on the whole team!  -Cody Latimer on who's the best Bronco at hoops

Lattimore - Who's your dark horse?
Latimer - I don't have a dark horse because anybody can pull out a win in March.

Lattimore - Are there any Broncos teammates who could beat you on the court?
Latimer - NO! I can take on the whole team. We're all competitors.

Lattimore - What would happen if you challenged Peyton to a game of 1-on-1?
Latimer - LOL, is this a serious question? I don't think he would accept that challenge.

Um, no, not serious. Well, not really. At least not until Manning retires and it won't matter to the Broncos if he rolls an ankle. But admittedly, I can't think of anything more entertaining than watching you dance around him on the court before dunking over his forehead, I mean, head. Sounds like a fundraiser to me??

Lattimore - Do you think you can dunk as good as/better than Kentucky's Willie Cauley-Stein?
Latimer - I still think I have some bounce in my step. I could compete with those high-risers in college, LOL!

(Yeah, me too.)

Lattimore - How would you rate your dunking skills compared to Packers' Davante Adams and Niners' Colin Kaepernick ?
Latimer - That would be a sight to see. NFL players showing their athletic ability and talent while participating in another sport.

Go UAB Blazers! Er, I mean, Hoosiers...right Cody?

(*editor's note: March Madness also includes a great cause from Latimer - all sales in March on his new T-shirts go toward the American Cancer Society, so get one!)