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Don't expect much change in Broncos passing offense

Though the installation and the full-time move to a true ZB running game is on the horizon, the offense and more importantly the passing game will still remain in the firm control of Peyton Manning.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with the Denver Post, Gary Kubiak conveyed that he has no intention on changing the passing offense in Denver:

"I told Peyton that from the start. We are going to run his offense and do what he does best, but it's going to be the Broncos' offense. Obviously, I love to run the ball, and I love the play pass. I love to do those things, so there is going to be a commitment there, but there is 17 years of investment in what he's done better than anybody, and we're not going to run away from that."

Whether that means the Broncos go-to personnel will still be the three-WR set remains to be seen. There is lot of flexibility and the Broncos have the personnel to run successful 2-TE system which along with a 2-RB system has been the staple of Kubiak's offenses for years. Though the Broncos do not have a FB officially listed on their depth chart, we have speculated that Joe Jon Duncan or Virgil Green can fill that "H-back" role and that Juwan Thompson might have the size to move positions.

In regards to the play-action pass, what people forget most about Manning is that his success as a downfield passer is heavily dependent on utilizing the play-action passing game. Many of the big plays this offense has netted have come off play-action during the Manning-era.

Last season, Manning averaged 10.7 yards per attempt on all play-action passes, yet he also threw 8 interceptions against just 5 touchdowns. Some variation in the playcalling will help (Peyton definitely needs to improve here as well) which is another area to watch.

The overall balance and aggressiveness of this offense will be the important things to watch for going forward and we won't have any clue on that until the Broncos begin Training Camp.

Until then, zone blocking or no zone blocking, The Sheriff will retain much of the power in the offense that he has enjoyed most of his illustrious career.