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NFL screws Broncos on compensatory picks

Thanks NFL!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL admitted today that they screwed up the Broncos compensatory picks for 2015. Instead of a 6th rounder (208th overall), the Broncos will now have pick 250 in round 7.

Why is that funny?

The Broncos already had picks 251, and 252.

In related news the Hall of Fame Committee also admitted a long string of mistakes in electing guys like Curtis Martin and Jerome "Fat Ass" Bettis to the Hall of Fame over Terrell Davis. But instead of receiving a compensatory pick for that mess up, the Broncos will instead receive a brutal kick in the teeth this Summer when the Hall of Fame game is played.

I think the Broncos can expect more shenanigans in the future. So long as the league is run by a ginger, we will never experience football life to it's fullest extent.

Get ready for that awesome string of 3 picks in the 7th round Broncos fans....I hear Elway is more likely to find talent here than in the 1st....