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Horse Tracks: What is BPA to you?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After reading a great analysis of BPA in our FanPosts section, I began to consider how I put BPA into perspective from my own viewpoint.

What is BPA to me?

Of the six factors ivanthenotsobad quantified in his post above, I tend to gravitate towards #2 and #3 whenever I drop the BPA acronym on folks.

  • Skill Set Factor – the way in which specific skill sets influence the concept of BPA
  • Rarity Factor – level of quality needed, plus # of players needed, plus availability of high quality players available at the position

I tend to ignore scheme, bust factor and cap considerations. If a guy comes along that is at a position of need and great athletic intangibles, then I could care less about the other items. If the stars fall into place and a guy of that quality is available, then the Denver Broncos should jump all over him once on the clock.

John Elway did just that when Bradley Roby fell into their laps in last years NFL Draft. I am all for the Broncos doing that again in May.

So, what is BPA to you?

Horse Tracks

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