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2015 NFL Draft: Broncos attend CSU-Pueblo's Pro Day to watch quarterback Chris Bonner

The Broncos attended CSU-Pueblo's Pro Day today to watch quarterback Chris Bonner.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

According to Dane Brugler, a senior NFL analyst at CBS Sports the Denver Broncos were among a handful of teams to attend CSU-Pueblo's Pro Day to watch quarterback prospect Chris Bonner throw the football.

The Broncos have been connected to Bonner a bit this offseason. According to Walter Football contributor Tony Pauline, the Broncos have been showing the most interest in Bonner thus far.

I'm not really big into completion percentage on a pro day, but it must be pointed out Bonner was throwing to just one of his CSU-Pueblo teammates, as the rest of the pass-catchers were basically foreign to him. I'm told he did throw a pair of 60-yard strikes downfield, and all in attendance gave him positive reviews. As of now, the Denver Broncos are displaying the greatest interest in Bonner.

Scouting Report:


Chris Bonner is a huge quarterback prospect listed at 6'7, 235lbs. He has one of the better arms in the entire draft. He can make every throw required of him on the field. His height also allows to him to see down the field, and over the offensive lineman. He also has great pocket mobility for a man of his size. He can elude rushers, and make plays outside the pocket if needed.


Like most quarterbacks with good arm strength, Bonner needs to work on his accuracy and touch. On passes that need to have an arc to them, he throws lasers. Also, his footwork is shaky at best. He will need to get better in that area.

One obvious concern is his level of play. At CSU-Pueblo, he played against DII talents and will be seeing much bigger, faster, stronger, and talented competition in the NFL. Bonner will be a project in the NFL and will require a few years of learning before he'll be ready to take the field in the NFL.



Bonner is a late round quarterback prospect. Anywhere from the late 5th to the 7th round is where I can see him going. There's a chance he could go undrafted as well. I expect a few teams to fall in love with his physical tools and will draft him in the late rounds of next month's NFL Draft.

However, Bonner is nothing more than a project at this time. He'll have a hard time making an NFL roster and could spend his rookie year on the practice squad. He's a raw quarterback prospect who has not faced elite talent during his time at CSU-Pueblo.

Bonner reminds me of a quarterback currently on the roster. Tall, big arm, mobile, need/needed some time to learn before hitting the field. It does make some sense as to why the Broncos would be showing interest in Bonner.