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Demaryius Thomas' franchise tag gets approval from Broncos Country

The votes are in.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos used their non-exclusive franchise tag on Demaryius Thomas this week, meaning the Pro Bowl wide receiver will remain in Denver in 2015. We asked Broncos Country if it approved of the move, and it's very clear you do.

Here's what some of you had to say in the comments.

I love it

To me, it leaves less of a bad taste in the players mouth for getting tagged (or it should at least).
Why? Simple: It's because players hate the tag because the team took their free agency "shopping" tool away from them. Well, keep it non-exclusive so they can really shop around and see what their value really is.

Nothing worse than a $12million dollar player having a bad attitude because he thinks he's worth $15 million.... well, go ahead, find $15 million. If you do, we'll match it. No harm, no foul, no hard feelings.

My only hatred of this is IF he doesn't sign it, then he can/will miss OTAs/Mini-Camps/etc. Now, before anyone says he doesn't need it cause Manning knows his timing, remember this: It's a new coaching regime. DT and EVERYONE needs as much time with the new staff as they can get. This is precisely why teams with new head coaches are allowed to start a few weeks early

- Pete Baron

I'm not a fan of this.

All this talk of taking a hometown discount to stay a Bronco seems now like it may not be true. A deal could have been made before all this and I don't like all this dancing around seeing what Dez will get and others. I love DT and I want him to stay a Bronco; however, to me, a hometown discount would be a deal giving him between 10-12 mil a year for 4-6 years. Heck, Jordy Nelson is making $9 mil a year to remain a Packer. DT could do the same for Denver if he wanted to be here and take that hometown discount he was talking about. I understand that a deal can still get done and all that stuff but his cap hit for the franchise tag is enormous and will likely hurt us in this free agency period. We will see what the future holds, but the money seems pretty hefty. (I'm aware about Peyton taking a paycut also - I am just not a fan of the cap hit and how it may affect this year's free agency period).

- ajbroncos

You have to wonder what the reaction of the average football fan would be

if his boss called him into a meeting and asked him to give up 20-30% of his/her income as a show of loyalty to the company.

"Oh, that's completely different situation..."


Rubber stamp smack of appoval on this: Yes, sounds good to me. Next?!


And in case you haven't taken the poll, find it below.