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ESPN, Twitter can't get their Brandon Marshalls straight after Jets trade

That is not the Brandon Marshall you're looking for. Move along.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall is not the same person as current Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, but according to people on Twitter he pretty much is.

Going through his mentions is actually both funny and depressing.

There are some guys who really don't get it.

Then there are mainstream media sports news outlets that don't get it.

Noticeably, our BMarsh changed his Twitter cover photo and profile picture from one in street clothes to his being in full Broncos garb. Maybe that will help. But probably not.

So, to follow the meta, people talked about Brandon Marshall on Twitter like he was a traded Jets receiver. Brandon Marshall joke-complained about all his mentions. People mentioned him more, still confused. ESPN quoted his tweet on TV thinking it was the other Brandon Marshall. People tweeted about that. And now we're blogging about that.

Happy Friday!

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