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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Let's talk loyalty

Good Morning Broncos Country!

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On Demaryius Thomas

If there is one thing I've learned in the years I've followed the NFL, the only thing that players and teams are loyal to is money. Every once in a while you get a guy like Chris Harris, Jr. who will accept a lesser deal to play where he wants to play, but for the most part players are looking to get paid, and teams are looking for deals.

You end up with sad situations like Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets whereby the fans think Revis is now a Jet again because he wants to play where he began his career. Revis is playing for the Jets because they gave him the most money...period. It's the reason why he played for New England last year, the reason why he took no guaranteed money but the richest per season contract from Tampa Bay, the reason why he held out multiple times as a Jet. The dude is loyal to money first and foremost.

Broncos fans need to understand one thing right now: John Elway is loyal to Pat Bowlen and nobody else. It is in his best interest to make the best deal he can, meaning he will not be in the business of setting the top-end market on Free Agent contracts.

With Demaryius Thomas the issue has to be guaranteed money. The Broncos WILL NOT give any player a huge signing bonus because that money is prorated evenly through the duration of the contract. Usually what the Broncos do is a combination of signing bonus and base salary guarantee early in the contract that creates a rather even distribution of cap-hits year to year. It's brilliant and will allow the team to make signings each year without getting into "cap-hell."

At the moment, the largest contract for a WR is Calvin Johnson who averaged about $16 million per season with close to $50 million guaranteed.

This is an outlier-type of deal and not indicative of the type of tier 1 contracts that should be handed out to the likes of Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas.

From where I'm standing, if a long-term deal gets done before the July 15th deadline, I would expect it to be a five-year deal worth $67.5 million ($13.5 per season), with $35 million guaranteed. Give him $20 million signing bonus ($4 million per season) with the first year's base salary ($8 million) fully guaranteed, $7 million of his 2nd year's base salary ($7 million of $10 million).

That gives Thomas all his guaranteed money in the first two seasons of the deal, which would give the Broncos flexibility in years 3-5 with his base salary at $13.5 million and $4 million dead each season due to signing bonus.

It will be interesting to see the details when and if the Broncos and Demaryius can come to an agreement.

My Fanspeak's on the clock mock: 7 rounds with "CBS Sports" bigboard

Disclaimer: I am not a draft nerd

When I say I'm not a draft nerd, it means I'm literally googling a lot of these guy to see their draft profiles as I'm doing this. In the end, I'm trying to pick the best fits for positions of need. In the end, I think the RT problem is solved with Jake Fisher.

Jalen Collins strikes me as someone who could possibly play safety as well. Any thoughts out there?

Ben Koyack seems like a safe pick at TE, someone who could easily make the roster as a #4 as he continues to refine and and develop his abilities.

Mitch Morse provides more depth an competition at the LG spot. From what I read, his play is ideal for the sort of athleticism we will need in this area.

These next two players are effort players who played in different spots along the front 7. Quality depth is always welcomed on the roster.

Detrick Bonner could project as a matchup safety. Another skillset that can be utilized by a good coaching staff.

Finally, we have a two-down run stuffer, a larger ILB prototype that the Broncos currently lack on their roster.

Happy April Fools!


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