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Horse Tracks: Get your workout on

Good morning, Broncos Country! Break out the Zubaz and your favorite tank top! Our boys in orange and blue, minus Demaryius Thomas, are reporting for phase one of the offseason workout program. Players will meet a week early this year so that the new Broncos coaching staff can hatch their plan to bring another Super Bowl trophy to Denver in 2015.

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Even though SportsCenter is infested with baseball and basketball highlights, football is in the air - especially in Dove  Valley. The new coaching staff will undoubtedly be pacing around agonizing over clipboards while the players slam around their weights. Manning, Miller, Kubiak, Phillips, Dennison will all be under one roof finally starting to get prepared for an important 2015 season. Meanwhile, Demaryius Thomas will continue to negotiate his way into a new contract and out from under the franchise tag. I can almost smell that new grass at the stadium just thinking about it. Read more about it here.


I'll be honest, Broncos news this time of year is few and far between until the draft. While assembling Horse Tracks, I stumbled across some website called the Stabley Times. They took the time to remind everyone that Manning is still the quarterback of the Broncos and that Kubiak is the new coach. While Kubiak did have his troubles in Houston with the Texans, I don't think that Stabley gave him enough (any) credit for what he's done for the Broncos in the past, most notably the 1997 and 1998 Super Bowls that he helped win serving as offensive coordinator. Maybe it's just me, but I will freakin' fight anyone who takes issue with Kubes (The Ocho) before he has a chance to prove himself on a field that's a mile high. Nobody messes with The Ocho!


Kudos to former Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall for speaking out on mental illness. When Marshall was in Denver, his antics drove the fans and coach Josh McDaniels up the wall (annoying McDaniels is always a plus in my book). It's rare that someone who was such an outspoken malcontent can not only turn it around (as he did in Chicago), but speak to the root of his issues in a constructive way while still playing the game. It's nice to see him (or any stud NFL player) expressing genuine concern for others. To find out more about what he said in Pittsburgh at a mental health conference, click here.


Broncos new tight end James Casey may just be the steal of the offseason. At least, that's what this article says. Most fans will likely be excited at his low-cost high-upside potential. Others will be excited about his speed (he ran a 4.66 40-yard dash out of college). While still others will be impressed by his versatility within the creative Kubiak offense. Me? I'm excited for his kick-butt mustache. We need more of those 'round these parts.

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