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Broncos 2015 schedule: NFL expected to announce Denver's schedule on April 23

We will soon know Denver's 2015 regular season schedule.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We already know the Broncos' tentative preseason schedule.

Denver's regular season schedule is expected to be announced next week.

"The 2015 regular-season schedule is currently set to be released on Thursday, April 23,"'s Mike Florio tweeted on Monday. But that's not set it stone, as "the date could change."

Even if it's a guesstimation, Florio's probably in the right ballpark.

The NFL announces the regular season schedule each year prior to the draft, which starts April 30. The league also announced last year's schedule on April 23.

Below are Denver's 2015 opponents:

Broncos 2015 opponents
Home Away
NE New England Patriots IND @ Indianapolis Colts
BAL Baltimore Ravens PIT @ Pittsburgh Steelers
CIN Cincinnati Bengals CLE @ Cleveland Browns
GB Green Bay Packers CHI @ Chicago Bears
MIN Minnesota Vikings DET @ Detroit Lions
OAK Oakland Raiders OAK @ Oakland Raiders
SD San Diego Chargers @ San Diego Chargers
KC Kansas City Chiefs KC @ Kansas City Chiefs

A season opener against the Packers (Peyton Manning vs. Aaron Rodgers) or the Colts (Manning vs. Andrew Luck) would be intriguing and a big hit for ratings. But the NFL may want to save such marquee match-ups for later in the season.

A safer bet would probably be an AFC West showdown.

Who do you think the Broncos will play in their 2015 season opener? Vote in the poll below!