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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Back to the grind

Good Morning Broncos Country!

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Where as last year both our coordinators were looking to use this gig as a springboard to a head coaching position, this year there should not be any outside distractions. This might be Wade Phillips last gig in football--depending on how much more he wants to coach. Wade isn't looking to use this as a means of getting another Head Coaching job elsewhere. With Dennison, I get the same feeling though even if Dennison left, this is still Kubiak's offense and with any distraction there should be little or no affect. For Gary Kubiak, this is a dream situation. Bottom line, if we're heading into the playof .,m/fs, don't expect there to be a lack of preparation due to the fact that our coaches have one foot out the door.


The Broncos are going to utilize more heavy looks with two tight ends and two backs. Gone are the days of 11 personnel via shotgun. You're going to see three wide on third downs and during the two-minute drill. Otherwise get used to seeing both Owen Daniels and Virgil Green on the field quite often. Peyton Manning will be treated more like a guy in the rotation. More running the ball, less passing, less wear and tear especially early on. Along the front, the Broncos are retooling themselves with more athletic blockers in order to carry out the ZBS.

Defensively, the Broncos will be switching to a 3-4, which to be honest isn't that far off of what they were doing with their base defense last season. The  biggest difference along the 3-4 will be the fact that DeMarcus Ware will play standing up most of the time. He is going to have a better opportunity to stay away from the scrum and do what he does best - terrorize opposing QB's. Von Miller will also be on the ball much more. What you might see are more zone concepts in the secondary as Wade has traditionally favored Cover 4 looks. Von Miller the other day said that they will be using a lot of Cover 3 and Cover 4 looks. When the Broncos go to nickel and dime, you'll see Antonio Smith come in and play the 3-tech as a pass rusher.

On Special Teams there is going to be a wide open competition among all aspects of the kicking game. From what I hear that group will also utilize their speed and overall athleticism much more in flying to the ball.

My latest Mock

I'd be happier than a Raider fan in prison if the board fell this way! In fact if the Broncos only drafted OL on offense and used every other pick on defense, I would be fine with it. You notice I didn't take an Brock I trust.


This is from fanspeak using the Walter Football big board.

Horse Tracks:

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The Broncos' leading sacker in 2014 cut out hamburgers, pork and even Gatorade in an attempt to get into peak physical condition.

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Ryan Clady finds comfort in a familiar style
Zone blocking agrees with Clady, who the Broncos targeted in the first round of the 2008 draft because they felt his skills would translate to that style.

Special teams look to be more aggressive
David Bruton Jr. detailed the Broncos' special teams squad's targets for changes to come in the 2015 season, and how he wants to help implement those.

Saints sign offensive lineman Mike Golic Jr. | ProFootballTalk
Mike Golic Jr. is back for a second stint with the Saints. New Orleans has re-signed Golic, the son of former NFL defensive lineman and current ESPN radio host Mike Golic. The transaction was announced in the NFL's Thursday personnel notice.

Jameis Winston sued by sexual assault accuser | ProFootballTalk
Jameis Winston recently expressed his negative feelings about the focus on off-field incidents while discussing his viability as an NFL quarterback, but it doesn't look like that focus is going to be going away anytime soon.

No talks between Chiefs, Justin Houston | ProFootballTalk
In February, the Chiefs applied the franchise tag to linebacker Justin Houston, who piled up 22 sacks in 2014.  The two sides negotiated (unsuccessfully) not long before the tag was imposed.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no talks have happened since then.

Antonio Gates would like his workload dialed back -
San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates scored 12 touchdowns last season, but believed he played too much for a 34 year old. In 2015, the tight end said he'd like to play more exclusively on third downs and red-zone situations.

Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson reinstated by NFL -
Adrian Peterson is officially back in the NFL. The league reinstated Peterson as an active NFL player, and he may participate in all scheduled activities with the Vikings.