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Horse Tracks: Who are the 2015 NFL Draft prospects the Denver Broncos are looking at?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos Country is on John Elway watch for the next couple of weeks leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft. There will continue to be much speculation, but all I really care about is who are the Denver Broncos really looking hard at right now?

According to our draft interest tracker, the Broncos have only met with the same player more than once on six occasions out of 58 total players the team has official met or worked out. The best part of that for me is that one of those players is high on my wishlist from the only mock draft I've done this year.

Here are the guys the Broncos have shown interest in on multiple occasions:

This list tends to belie the idea that the Broncos won't draft a tackle at #28. Instead, it looks like this is Elway's draft board. A trade up to select Collins in the middle of the first round and the rest of the draft board seems to line up with what Elway hopes to select come his turn in later rounds. It is also nice that Collins is considered one of the five safest draft picks in this year's draft class.

Frankly, this "mock draft" is one that I could definitely love if it came to fruition. I know it looks heavy on the tackle position, but depth on the offensive line is something we all pretty much complained about throughout the 2014 season. If it takes three offensive tackles in one draft to fix that for good, then I am okay with that.

So would this kind of draft work for you or do you need to see fewer offensive tackles for your to get on board?

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