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Demaryius Thomas's teammates Photoshopped him in photo at Duke workouts (story updated)

We didn't see this coming.


Update (11:15 a.m. MT): It's Photoshopped. They put DT's face over defensive end Kenny Anunike. That was a good one.

See the original story below.

On Monday, Demaryius Thomas told ESPN's Jeff Legwold that he would not be participating in Peyton Manning's annual Duke workouts or the team's offseason program.

Thomas, due to make $12,823,000 on a franchise tag in 2015, was planning to hold out while his agent and the Broncos finalized a long-term deal. On Wednesday, his teammates tweeted that they were at Duke without him.

Turns out he's there*, and "Peyton did it."

His teammates apparently wanted the world to believe Thomas would not show, and we fell for it.

It's unclear if Thomas also plans to participate in the team's official offseason program, which starts April 13.

*The image may be Photoshopped. Either way, his teammates got us.