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Horse Tracks: The return of Tebow

In case you haven't heard, Tim Tebow is expected to sign a one-year contract later today with the Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles. There's no denying two things about the Tim Tebow phenomenon. One, the guy is exciting to watch. Two, he's an awful passer. So how do we as Broncos fans feel about his latest effort to return to the NFL? Let the circus begin!

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While the Broncos defense deserves a ton of credit for limiting opposing offenses, the excitement of 2011 was due in large part to the will and determination (and not passing talent) of Tim Tebow. Frankly, it annoys me when Broncos fans roll their eyes and guffaw at the thought of Tebow returning to the NFL. I went to my fair share of games that year, and I can tell you that the Tebow chants came from the highest decks of the stadium on down.

I walked down the ramps at the stadium following Tebow's miraculous comeback against the Bears and had anyone not been cheering the Tebow, they would have been in the minority. It was a time when Tebow had captivated all of Broncos Country.

Today, it seems like Broncos fans are clawing over one another to distance themselves from that exciting year. You show me a group of Broncos fans who claim they disliked Tebow from the git-go, I'll show you a group of fibbers.

I'm not saying that we need to erect a statue of the guy or retire his number. Shoot, his fans are so darn crazy I would cringe if he were to ever return to Denver. What I am saying is that we need to look back on those incredible comebacks of 2011 and the miraculous overtime win over Pittsburgh in the playoffs and appreciate them for what they were - amazing.

So what about his return? I say good for him. Give it a shot, Tim. More power to you. Do I think that Chip Kelly is going to go the way of Steve Spurrier with some of his choices this season? Absolutely. Heck, I thought that before the Tebow acquisition. Stir in his coo-coo fans and oppressive media coverage, and you're going to have the perfect recipe for disaster.

However, during the preseason I'll be watching the Eagles. Knowing, although Tebow may not be able to complete three passes in a row, not to count him out when it seems like all hope is lost.

In short, let's appreciate our time with Tebow and root him on from the safety of our Peyton Manning-quarterbacked team. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy some of our moderate successes, even though in retrospect we may be a little embarrassed that we got such success on the legs (and not the arm) of a quarterback.

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