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Broncos' Peyton Manning does not consider 2015 his farewell tour

Will Peyton Manning play when he's 40? He thinks it's a possibility.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Will the 2015 season be Peyton Manning's farewell tour?

"I wouldn’t call it that. That’s not how I see it," Manning told media members after the first day of veteran mini camp Tuesday.

The Broncos quarterback is entering his 18th season in the NFL and recently turned 39, but he's not ready to talk about hanging up his cleats.

"I think there are young 39s and old 39s. I’m in that young group, for sure. March birthday," Manning said. "I think it’s all about trying to do your job no matter how old you are."

Understandably so, Manning is tired of talking about his age.

"Whether you are a 22-year-old rookie coming in or not, I guess I have to answer questions about (my age), but I’m not interested in talking about how old I am much more after this point."

It's debatable if Manning is a "young 39" or an "old 39," but his age has not affected his on-field production — yet. He threw for a career-high 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns at age 37, and 39 touchdowns at age 38 last season, the third-most of his career.

Manning's record-setting numbers may take a dip this season if Gary Kubiak installs a run-heavy offense, but his age and health can't be blamed for that.

"I feel pretty good. I was able to have really good workouts during the time when you’re allowed to come back with all of these rules. I had a good start to the offseason program — the two weeks with Luke Richesson. I felt pretty good out there today. I’m encouraged by that."

Manning could potentially play two more seasons; his contract expires after the 2016 season.

Quotes used in this story were provided courtesy of the team's media relations team.