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2015 NFL Draft Results - Round 1

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft! All throughout tonight, April 30, 2015, we will be tracking each draft pick and providing instant analysis as it happens. Mile High Report staff contributors and NFL Draft hounds, Scotty Payne and Christopher Hart,  will be providing the instant pick analysis for each team throughout the Day 1 event. Refresh this post and comment below.

What do you think John Elway and the Denver Broncos will do on Day 1? Some reports have the Broncos moving up in the first round, so things could get interesting. Day 2 could also get interesting as two quarterback prospects the Broncos are looking at are projected to be third round picks as well.

First Round - 2015 NFL Draft Results

Jameis Winston
Florida State

MHR Pick Analysis: Jameis Winston may be a polarizing prospect from a character standpoint, but there is no doubting his talent on the field. He has an extremely high football IQ and played in a pro-style offense that has him ready for immediate success in the NFL. Tampa Bay made the right call here and I believe he can help turn that franchise around. ~ Christopher

Jameis Winston is the best quarterback prospect in this draft. His off the field questions will be what derails his NFL career. Risky, but solid picks for the Bucs. ~ Scotty

Marcus Mariota

MHR Pick Analysis: The Titans get their franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota. He might need to sit some before starting, but solid pick. Somewhere Chip Kelly is crying. ~ Scotty

Marcus Mariota is a brilliant football mind with enormous upside, perhaps more than Jameis Winston. He is a fierce competitor, but a humble individual off the field. The Titans could still deal him away, but Ken Whisenhunt could mold him into something special. Tennessee desperately needed a playmaker on offense and they have a dual-threat QB in Mariota. ~ Christopher

Dante Fowler, Jr.

MHR Pick Analysis: Gus Bradley gets himself the best edge rusher in the draft. I would have gone Leonard Williams here, but Fowler is good pick for them. ~ Scotty

Dante Fowler will play the "LEO" position for Gus Bradley's defense in Jacksonville. A local talent who is one of the most athletic pass rushers in all the draft. This is a win-win for both the Jaguars and Fowler, who wanted to stay in Florida to be close to family. Solid selection. ~ Christopher

Amari Cooper

MHR Pick Analysis: Amari Cooper is the most pro-ready wide receiver in this draft. The Raiders haven't had a quality receiver in a long time and they get a guy who will be an absolute game changer and help out young quarterback Derek Carr. ~ Christopher

The Oakland Raiders give Derek Carr a new weapon. Get to know Chris Harris Jr....he's going to make life a rather difficult for you for two games this season. Glad they didn't pick Leonard Williams. ~ Scotty

Brandon Scherff

MHR Pick Analysis: Wow. I like Scherff, but not at 5. He's probably a better guard than tackle in the pro. You need to protect RG3. Leonard Williams keeps falling. ~ Scotty

There is no doubt the Redskins needed an offensive lineman, but they really Scherff'd the bed with this selection. Leonard Williams, the draft's best player is still available and passing on him is a big mistake. ~ Christopher

Leonard Williams

MHR Pick Analysis: Leonard Williams is the best player in the entire draft and the Jets are getting an absolute steal at this selection. He is a better fit for a 4-3 than a 3-4, but he will be an absolute stud for them, and makes Wilkerson easier to unload in a trade. ~ Christopher

The New York Jets get themselves the best player in the entire draft. Is Muhammed Wilkerson now on the trade block? ~ Scotty

Kevin White
West Virginia

MHR Pick Analysis: Kevin White helps replace Brandon Marshall in Chi town. Too bad Jay Cutler will be throwing the ball to him. ~ Scotty

With the trade of Brandon Marshall, the Chicago Bears needed another offensive threat to pair with Alshon Jeffrey. Kevin White was a one year wonder at West Virginia, but he has uncanny athleticism and ball skills. ~ Christopher

Vic Beasley

MHR Pick Analysis: Vic Beasley is probably the most gifted pass rusher in this class and new coach Dan Quinn gets the pass rusher he needs to make that defense work. A quality selection in terms of value. Had he not been there, Bud Dupree would have been the selection. ~ Christopher

Vic Beasley is my favorite pass rusher in this game. His explosiveness reminds me of Von Miller's. Great pick for the Falcons who needed a pass rusher really bad. ~ Scotty

Ereck Flowers

MHR Pick Analysis: The first tackle is off the board. Ereck Flowers is a big man who I don't think should be going this high. The New York Giants do need a ton of help on their offensive line, so I approve of the pick. ~ Scotty

The Giants were in need of a tackle and they get one of the biggest risers in all the draft in Ereck Flowers. He is a powerful offensive tackle who will come in and start immediately. ~ Christopher

Todd Gurley

MHR Pick Analysis: Todd Gurley to the Rams bolsters an atrocious backfield in need of a dynamic player. They very well could have been the team who had him as their number one prospect. ~ Scotty

Todd Gurley to the Rams bolsters an atrocious backfield in need of a dynamic player. They very well could have been the team who had him as their number one prospect. ~ Christopher

Trae Waynes
Michigan State

MHR Pick Analysis: Trae Waynes is the best cover corner in the entire draft and the Vikings take him here. That gives the Vikings a young pair of corners (Rhodes) that will be able to flourish underneath Mike Zimmer. ~ Christopher

The Minnesota Vikings get themselves the top corner in the draft. Mike Zimmer get himself a new toy for his secondary. ~ Scotty

Danny Shelton

MHR Pick Analysis: Danny Shelton gives the Browns the mammoth defender on the inside that they desperately need. Ray Farmer finally does something right in his time as General Manager for Cleveland. Will be an immediate contributor and help revamp their defense. ~ Christopher

Danny Shelton is a stud and is probably the best thing Cleveland has done since....(I'm drawing a blank). Good pick for the Browns. ~ Scotty (Tim's EDIT: "best thing Cleveland has done since ... losing to the Broncos in the '86 AFC Championship game")

Andrus Peat

MHR Pick Analysis: Andrus Peat is a big big man(look at the dudes calves). Another tackle off the board! ~ Scotty

Andrus Peat is a great selection for the New Orleans Saints who had poor offensive line play last season. I thought he would go a little bit earlier, so this is good value for New Orleans who also hold the #31 pick in the first round. ~ Christopher

DeVante Parker

MHR Pick Analysis: DeVante Parker is one of the biggest playmakers in all the draft and the best player available at this point in time. The Dolphins now have Landry, Stills, Parker as a trio of young receivers, not to mention Greg Jennings -- which is necessary for an AFC East that has a plethora of quality corners. ~ Christopher

DeVante Parker gives the Miami Dolphins a very good playmaker at wide receiver. I like their young trio of receivers of Parker, Stills and Landry. ~ Scotty

Melvin Gordon

MHR Pick Analysis: Melvin Gordon is a solid pick for the Chargers. He will help replace Ryan Matthews, and give the San Diego Chargers a Jamaal Charles like player. ~ Scotty

Melvin Gordon fills a need for the Chargers, who gave up several selections to get him. Rivers definitely need some back help behind him and this kid can play ball. Question is, can he break the curse of Wisconsin running backs who fail consistently when arriving in the NFL? ~ Christopher

Kevin Johnson
Wake Forest

MHR Pick Analysis: Kevin Johnson a cornerback who rose up draft boards the past month and is a good selection for the Texans who needed help in their secondary. ~ Christopher

I really like Kevin Johnson. Was my top corner in this draft. When you play Andrew Luck twice a year you need all the good corners you can get. ~ Scotty

Arik Armstead

MHR Pick Analysis: Armstead is a huge man. A 5-tech with a tons of upside. Great for the San Francisco 49ers. ~ Scotty

Arik Armstead is going this high because his potential is through the roof. His production doesn't warrant this slot, but if he can put it all together, he can be an absolute monster and man down the 5-tech position for San Francisco. ~ Christopher

Marcus Peters

MHR Pick Analysis: Marcus Peters is a first round player based on his tape, but his character is certainly in question. The Chiefs get a great player with tremendous ball skills and enormous upside if he keeps his head on straight. ~ Christopher

Marcus Peters is a talented player, but is a bit of a headcase. It's a risky pick for the Kansas City Chiefs. ~ Scotty

Cameron Erving
Florida State

MHR Pick Analysis: Cameron Erving to the Browns is absolutely heart-breaking. The Broncos were diligently trying to trade up to #19 to select him, but the trade didn't go through. I had reported to fellow staffers on MHR earlier today that the team had been in contact with Cleveland and teams picking 19-25 to move up. Too little, too late. ~ Christopher

Cameron Erving is a good pick for the Browns. I figured he would be gone by the time the Broncos pick. Great draft so far for the Cleveland Browns. ~ Scotty

Nelson Agholar

MHR Pick Analysis: Nelson Agholor has been a fast riser as well and gives Chip Kelly one thing he loves on offense. S-P-E-E-D. ~ Christopher

I like this pick a lot. A weapon for Sam Bradford(or Tim Tebow) and a speedy playmaker for the Philadelphia Eagles. ~ Scotty

Cedric Ogebuhi
Texas A&M

MHR Pick Analysis: Cedric Ogebuhi was rumored to the Bengals for a while now and they take him here. Had it not been for his ACL, he could have gone a lot higher. ~ Christopher

A very good pick for the Cincinnati Bengals. He would be top tackle in this draft if he didn't tear his ACL. I like it. ~ Scotty

Bud Dupree

MHR Pick Analysis: The Pittsburgh Steelers get another steal in the late first round with Bud Dupree. Could be a dominate force in their defense. ~ Christopher

I really wanted the Broncos to get Dupree. Great pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers who always take the guys I like. ~ Scotty

Shane Ray

MHR Pick Analysis: I am not a huge fan of Shane Ray. Hard to justify the trade up and selection of a guy who has a toe injury and recently was cited for possession of marijuana. With DeMarcus Ware being 33 years old, it makes sense, but I am still worried this is a classic boom or bust selection, with more bust than boom. ~ Christopher

Great value pick for the Denver Broncos. I like the trade with the Detroit Lions, and it gave the Broncos an electrifying pass rusher. Great job, Elway. ~ Scotty

D.J. Humphries

MHR Pick Analysis: D.J. Humphries could become one of the best tackles in all of this class, but has an injury history and is an underachiever that will need a year or two to assume his full potential. ~ Christopher

You gotta protect Carson Palmer. He has left tackle upside and should make Palmer a happy man. ~ Scotty

Shaq Thompson

MHR Pick Analysis: The Carolina Panthers take OLB Shaq Thompson, who could very well be their next Thomas Davis. An incredible football player who didn't time well, but makes plays all over the field. A quality selection and a surprising one for the Panthers at this point in the draft. ~ Christopher

Poor Cam Newton, he needs blockers. Shaq Thompson is a good versatile player. ~ Scotty

Breshad Perriman
Central Florida

MHR Pick Analysis: Breshard Perriman is a freakish athletic talent who has battled issues of inconsistency, especially with drops at UCF. Looks like a prospect who will replace Torrey Smith immediately. ~ Christopher

The Baltimore Ravens need a WR to replace Torrey Smith. I like his upside, but has the dropsies. ~ Scotty

Byron Jones

MHR Pick Analysis: Byron Jones is a better athlete than he is player, but has a phenomenal combination of size and speed and should help the Dallas secondary who could use some work, as they are unlikely to pick up Morris Claiborne's fifth year option. ~ Christopher

The Dallas Cowboys get a very athletic corner here in Jones. Had a great combine and gives the Boys a much needed improvement at corner. ~ Scotty

Laken Tomlinson

MHR Pick Analysis: Laken Tomlinson is a surprise pick in the first round, most outlets had him as a firm second round selection, but will compete for the starting RG spot for the Lions immediately. ~ Christopher

Tomlinson is a great pick for the Detroit Lions. A well rounded player who gives the Lions two very good guards. ~ Scotty

Phillip Dorsett

MHR Pick Analysis: Phillip Dorsett is absolutely electric and will give Andrew Luck a dynamic receiver capable of stretching the field. The Indianapolis Colts will be absolute terrors to cover defensively in 2015. ~ Christopher

Dorsett is a speedy guy who reminds me a bit of T.Y. Hilton. Interesting pick for the Colts. ~ Scotty

Damarious Randall
Arizona State

MHR Pick Analysis: An undersized player, but has terrific coverage skills. Over the past week or so, he has been a hot name. One of the fastest players at his position and very productive. Will help the Packers D immensely. ~ Christopher

Randall is a good cover guy who has flied up the boards recently. Interesting pick for the Green Bay Packers. ~ Scotty

Stephone Anthony

MHR Pick Analysis: This is a player who has been rumored to be a late first to early second round pick for a while now. New Orleans nabs him here to help rebuild their defense after going offensive tackle earlier. He isn't my top rated ILB, but he is up there. ~ Christopher

I didn't think Anthony would go this early, but solid player for Ryan's defense. ~ Scotty

Malcolm Brown

MHR Pick Analysis: This one hurts. Brown is one of the best defenders in the entire draft and New England gets him at the end of the first round. Absolutely unbelievable. Perhaps the best value in the whole first round this far. ~ Christopher

Malcom Brown comes aboard to help the New England Patriots replace the great Vince Wilfork. ~ Scotty