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Denver Broncos players, coaches react on Twitter to Shane Ray pick

Broncos GM John Elway, Gary Kubiak plus several current and former players, give their reactions via Twittersphere to the Broncos' first-round draft pick, DE Shane Ray.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprising move trading up to No. 23, the Broncos selected defensive end Shane Ray from Mizzou and dealt their No. 28 pick plus center Manny Ramirez to the Detroit Lions.

Broncos vice president and GM John Elway welcomed Ray and thanked Ramirez.

As the top player on the board, Elway stayed true to his Best Player Available mentality with picking Ray, who many analysts believed was a steal.

And Coach Gary Kubiak indicated Ray should think of being a starter.

Ray, who had been seen as a Top 10 pick until he was cited with possession of marijuana on Monday, was ecstatic to go to the Broncos.

Noting that he thought "it was over" after the marijuana citation Monday, Ray said he's going to prove to the Broncos brass that he won't screw up this opportunity.

I was so honored the Broncos gave me an opportunity to redeem myself. I'm going to give everything and more.  -DE Shane Ray, Broncos' first-round draft pick

"I was so honored the Broncos gave me an opportunity to redeem myself. I'm going to show them; going to show them they made the right choice. I'm going to give everything and more," Ray said of the Broncos organization.

Ray added that he wouldn't mind being the poster child for telling kids not to mess up their opportunities via drugs.

"I realize the mistake I made, I'm alright with being that story. I moving past it, and I really can't wait to get to the next level."

Ray is probably also excited to be with the edge rusher he has tried to pattern his game after:

And despite a somewhat perplexing tweet by Brandon Marshall, Broncos seemed happy with their new teammate too and took to Twitter to welcome the defensive end to the fold:

Of course, there was also this: