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DeMarcus Ware did leave a tip for his server, a Redskins fan with a sense of humor

DeMarcus Ware is not heartless.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday afternoon, Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware posted an image on Twitter that showed a tab that said "Go Broncos!!" in his tip line:

In the photo, it appears that Ware's server, a Redskins fan, did not receive a tip for a $92.40 bill.

That caused Ware to receive a lot of flak.

"Probably best for Ware to just keep it to himself if he's going to sneak out on his socially-pressured gratuity," wrote the Sporting News's Dane Carbaugh.

"Dude, that's weak. You're going to deny someone the money they use to live because of their football allegiance?" asked Mike Thomson on Twitter.

A few hours later, Ware explained that he did tip the server:

Ware played against the Redskins twice a year during his nine seasons with the Cowboys. He owns 11 career sacks against Washington.