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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Call him "Bam Bam," Bowlen, Patriots invent language

Good Morning Broncos Country!

CJ Anderson wants to be called "BAM BAM"

Yesterday I published an article highlighting CJ Anderson's amazing 2nd half run. In it I referred to his style of running as "beastmode." CJ saw the article, tweeted out the link, and had this to say:

You got it CJ, "BAM BAM" it is!

Mason's Mailbag: Who could be next for the Ring of Fame?
Thoughts on future Ring of Fame candidates, backup quarterbacks, who could start at free safety, The Simpsons and more is in a filled-to-the-brim cup of Mailbag tea.

Sambrailo and seventh-round picks sign their deals
The Broncos have seven of their nine 2015 draft class members under contract less than two weeks after the draft concluded.

Former Bronco Lionel Washington paved road for Green Wave corners to reach NFL - The Denver Post
Lorenzo Doss, Taurean Nixon ride the Green Wave to Denver thanks to Washington

Solomon Patton an intriguing waiver claim for Broncos
The speedy Patton is likely to get a long look on kickoff and punt returns, and has some untapped upside.

Pat Bowlen

About a year ago I broke the news on MHR that Pat Bowlen would be stepping away from his day to day involvement with the Broncos because he was battling Alzheimer's disease. I've written some introspective things about players and chronicled some very heart-wrenching subjects, but that by far was the most difficult post I've ever written. Pat Bowlen is the Denver Broncos. Pat has grown his business not only into one of the most successful in any industry, he has done so with a grace and spirit of giving that is unmatched.

Mr. Bowlen is the reason our team is a shining beacon throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. You don't find owners with the character Pat possesses. Thinking about the Denver Broncos without Pat Bowlen is like losing a family member or loved one--they will never been replaced.

I know Mr. Bowlen is still with us and his example is strong enough to continue to provide the gold standard upon which the Denver Broncos SHOULD operate. But the time will come where the stewardship of the Broncos will be passed on. On that day, a piece of the Broncos spirit will cease to exist. Hopefully before that time comes, John Elway can pass Mr. Bowlen the franchise's third Lombardi Trophy proclaiming throughout Broncos Country that "This one's for Pat!"

Bowlen's 32 Years of Broncos Ownership
A look at Owner and Pat Bowlen's 32 years with the Broncos.

Pat Bowlen most fitting of Ring of Fame inductee

Inside the ROF selection committee meeting
Former Broncos VP of public relations Jim Saccomano and general manager John Beake talk about why electing Pat Bowlen to the teams Ring of Fame was a no-brainer decision.

Broncos' alumni talk about Mr. Bowlen's legacy
Dan Reeves, Gary Kubiak, John Elway and others talk about how Mr. Bowlen has shaped the Denver Broncos.

Patriots gonna Patriot

I'm not going to waste time to rehash what's been going on back and forth with this latest Deflatriot drama. (Dibbs on the term "deflatriot"). But I have to bow down to the masters of the cheat and give props where they are due. When in doubt, change the meaning of the language people are using to convict you.

"Deflate" has gone from meaning "to let the air out of" to a slang term developed by McNally to refer to "losing weight" to becoming a vague adjective to be used for a litany of descriptions.

It is ridiculous to see the Patriot rebuttal grasp at such straws, but it is what it is. Cheaters gonna cheat, Patriots gonna Patriot.

In fact when I think of the "Patriot Way" this about sums it up for me:

Patriots have been accused of tampering with communications before | ProFootballTalk
Karlos Dansby said in an appearance on PFT Live this week that he suspected the Patriots of wrongdoing in 2008, when the Cardinals visited New England and had trouble with their coach-to-helmet communications system. Dansby wasn't the first to make such a claim against the Patriots.

Report: Goodell "very unlikely" to recuse himself from hearing Brady appeal | ProFootballTalk
On Friday, the NFLPA released the full letter they sent to the NFL informing them that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be appealing the four-game suspension he received this week as a result of the investigation into the loss of air pressure from footballs used by the Patriots during the AFC Ch...

Patriots haven’t decided whether to appeal | ProFootballTalk
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has appealed his four-game suspension arising from his role in the #DeflateGate scandal. The Patriots have not yet filed an appeal of their own.

Tom Brady appeals suspension; Goodell to hear case -
Tom Brady officially appealed his four-game suspension levied by the NFL for his role in the issue surrounding the Patriots' use of under-inflated footballs and his lack of cooperation with the league investigation.


AP Source: NFL plans to change football handling guidelines - The Denver Post
A person familiar with the situation tells The Associated Press the NFL plans to change guidelines regarding the way footballs are handled before games.

Veteran wideout Santana Moss not ready to retire -
Add Santana Moss to the growing list of aging veterans unwilling to call it quits. The 35-year-old wideout remains confident that he will find an NFL team before training camp kicks off.

Former Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian dies at 70 -
Garo Yepremian, the former NFL kicker who helped the Miami Dolphins win consecutive NFL championships but is best remembered for a Super Bowl blooper, died Friday of cancer. He was 70.

Marcus Peters, Kansas City Chiefs reach deal -
The Kansas City Chiefs signed first-round cornerback Marcus Peterson on Friday. Will the rookie have an opportunity to start opposite Sean Smith?

Were the St. Louis Rams set to draft La'el Collins? -
Once projected as a first-round pick, La'el Collins saw his stock plummet before signing with the Dallas Cowboys. How close were the Rams to taking the offensive tackle in the 2015 NFL Draft?