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Peyton Manning snubbed, left off PFF top 101 players of 2014

I suppose once you break all the records, a good season by any other standards is just "meh."

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

In what continues to be a head-scratcher, Peyton Manning has once again been shafted by the Pro Football Focus grading system. Manning failed to be included in their top 101 players despite the fact that he was:

- 4th in passing yards

- 5th in Avg/Attempt (minimum 300 attempts)

- 2nd in Touchdown passes

- 4th in passer rating

- 5th in overall DVOA

Aaron Rodgers was the #2 rated player on the board (JJ Watt was #1) while the 2nd rated quarterback was Tom Brady listed at #27.

PFF stated that Brady held  the 4th highest rated passer grade throughout the season despite getting out to a miserable start and besides finishing pretty lackluster on the back half of the schedule. Don't believe me? Broncos fans would universally agree that Manning struggled to end the season....if he struggled then so did Brady:

I appreciate the work they do over at Pro Football Focus, but their grading is highly suspect. Until PFF is more transparent with its methods, it is unlikely the general populace or even educated fans and bloggers out there will be able to make much sense out of it other than "Our QB was +2.3 points better than yours." Really?

I would venture to say that Peyton Manning is heading into 2015 with a lot of fans underestimating his ability to lead and produce.

Coming out of 2013 where everyone expected MOAR TOUCHDOWNS and MOAR SUPERBOWLS, that might be what the doctor orders.

As for what I expect? I expect No. 18 to lead our team with class and dignity. The wins and numbers will come. But after watching New England win at all costs - irreparably destroying their legacy in the process - I'm going to enjoy what could be Peyton Manning's last season under Center.

Until then?

Our Quarterback is still better than your Quarterback, unless you're a Packers fan;)