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Former Broncos QB Jake Plummer says Brock Osweiler could start for 20 NFL teams

Jake Plummer, who went 40-18 during his time as Broncos quarterback, believes Brock Osweiler has a very bright future in Denver.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Plummer believes Denver will be in good hands after Peyton Manning retires.

"He has the ability and the talent to start for probably 20 teams in the NFL," the former Broncos quarterback said of Manning's backup, Brock Osweiler, to CBS4's Vic Lombardi on Xfinity Monday Live earlier this week.

When Lombardi asked if he really believed Osweiler could start for 20 teams, Plummer praised Osweiler even more.

"I believe wholeheartedly he has that kind of ability. That kind of arm, his mental makeup, and how he believes in himself and treats his teammates — his leadership — and that's just from knowing him a little bit. I think he's going to be rewarded for being patient," Plummer said.

"He is competing for the starting job — that sounds ludicrous to say with Peyton Manning — but he has, in my mind, the arm that this offense almost requires."

The key for Osweiler, according to Plummer, is more on-field action.

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"He's learning so much behind Peyton, but he needs reps."

Gary Kubiak has reportedly talked to Manning about resting him at times during the season, perhaps when Denver has a big lead. Resting Manning will preserve his body for the late-season stretch and give Osweiler more experience. Such a scenario will give Broncos fans a glimpse of the team's future.

But the Broncos are in no rush to move on from Manning, who Plummer said is "definitely" still capable of leading Denver to another Super Bowl victory.

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