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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Connor Barth Jekyll and Hyde on new PAT rule

Good Morning Broncos Country!

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The NFL announced yesterday it would be changing the PAT in 2015. The new rule will have kickers making their attempt from the 15-yard line rather than the 2. Also, the defense can run back a turnover on a 2-point conversion to score two points itself.

Denver Broncos place kicker Connor Barth expressed some contrasting feelings about the newest change to the rules:

"Narrowing the uprights would make it a lot more challenging than moving the extra point," said Connor Barth, a six-year veteran who signed with Denver last November. "Most guys can hit 33-yarders in their sleep...It'll probably change the percentages a little bit, but we're all pretty good kickers, and I still think we'll be in the high 90 percent range on extra points from the 15," he said. "I think they're just trying to find something to change."

Later on, understanding the implications of being a good and accurate kicker, like he is, Barth expressed a different view on Twitter:

I actually have a different take on the new rule changes, which I'll be posting on a bit later.

Patriot tears taste so good

So your owner, who for the most part has been a positive example of good ownership throughout the NFL, sees the error of trying to fight the NFL over "Deflategate" sanctions and even though still publicly disagrees with the decision decides to put the league first and take the team's punishment like a man.

What ensued from Patriots fans on the blogosphere was pure comedy as angry Massholes everywhere hurled insults and expressed their anger with Bob Kraft's decision. It was beautiful! Patriots fans finally showed their true colors and chose an individual above the team - in this case the individual is Tom Brady* (did I do the asterisk thingy right?)

I am proud to call myself a Broncos fan. In 2011, Tebow became my quarterback and I loved him. Elway shipped him outta town and made the greatest signing in FA history in Peyton Manning. I love Peyton Manning. Soon, Peyton Manning will shuffle off. Before all of this we had John Elway. Let me make this clear - it's about the name on the helmet, not the name on the back. I may admire Tebow's grit, but I am a Broncos fan first and foremost. Elway is a Mount Rushmore QB, but it still took a team to help him achieve greatness. Manning has accomplished things that no one else has, yet he's just another great player to don orange and blue.

Patriots fans in their deluded thinking wanted Bob Kraft to get into a gunfight with Roger Goodell and fight the league for the sake of their honor and the sake of one player. They wanted to become Raiders East a la Al Davis. Davis may have won the battle against the NFL, but he lost the war. The Raiders still had to operate within the NFL, and they became public enemy #1.

I know that Pats fans have this warped sense of "us vs. them" built through years and years of insecurity but you reap what you sow. Cheaters may prosper short term, but once they are found out, they will always be a cheater. The only honorable thing to do is to admit the wrong doing, accept the punishment, and move on. Bob Kraft has set a great example for his fanbase. Will the mass-holes follow?

Adrian Robinson's death ruled a suicide

Many people have been impacted by suicide. Many people out there deal with severe depression and mental illness that robs them of the joys of everyday life. I myself lost my grandfather to suicide when I was very young, and for someone like my mother it took more than 20 years before she could think about her dad without crying.

I am so sorry that Adrian reached a low in his life where the only way he thought he could end the pain was by ending his life. The final tweet on his timeline indicates he was still able to see the good things in life:

If you have someone in your life that struggles with depression, love them as best as you can. It's not always easy, but the best way to show that you care is just by being there for them. If you are someone that is thinking about suicide or has suicidal thoughts--please reach out to someone. There is some sunshine beyond the haze of depression and once you see it, you will be amazed at how much you are able to enjoy the little things in life--and that's what it is all about.

Take time to think about those around you. Suicide is a final decision that will affect your loved ones. For Adrian, his daughter is just a year old and will never get to know her dad first hand.

Life is difficult, we all have our struggles. But we were given the gifts of friendship, family, and empathy for a reason--we can always help each other through the rough times.

Not only that but we have Broncos Football to look forward to!

If you ever need an orange and blue brother to talk to, I'm your guy just shoot me a note---oh and check out Calikula's weekday thread--it's full of great guys and gals to mingle with!

RIP Adrian. I'm sorry for your pain

Horse Tracks

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