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Horse Tracks: No, the Kansas City Chiefs will not win the AFC West in 2015

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So's Gill Brandt wrote last week that the Denver Broncos were likely to succumb to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2015 in the fight for the AFC West title. This has Chiefs fans all hot and bothered over this fantasy built around weak logic and wishful thinking. It's gone so far that now you even have random bloggers going "in depth" on how it will happen. Rather than laugh, let's be realistic.

The Denver Broncos are still loaded with talent and the bum-legged Peyton Manning still limped into Kansas City and beat those Chiefs handily in front of a sell-out, dejected crowd at Arrowhead Stadium on November 30, 2014. What's changed? Oh, Julius Thomas is gone. Oh, the humanity! The Chiefs lost players too, but hey, we all can't have $20,000,000 in dead money. The Broncos have $1,200,000 in dead money, but that must be because John Elway mortgaged the future to win now or something.

If there was a legitimate threat to the Broncos AFC West aspirations it would come from the ONLY AFC West team that has beaten Peyton Manning since he came to Denver and that would be Phillips Rivers and the San Diego Chargers.

And the Oakland Raiders, well, I saw a meme going around that showed JaMarcus Russell had better rookie numbers than Derek Carr. I'm guessing they are still a few years away from winning more than six games.

My 2015 prediction: Broncos 13-3, Chargers 9-7, Chiefs 8-8, Raiders 5-11. Buy hey, it's the offseason so I guess its okay for our rival fans to keep on dreaming. I remember doing that back when Jay Cutler was slinging the rock, so I'll just enjoy my time here at the top of the AFC West mountain, because Pey-time is fleeting.

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