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Denver Broncos OTAs: 53-man roster prediction

It's that time again....let's make some sense of this roster

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


QB (3)

Starter: 18 Manning

Backup: 17 Osweiler

3rd String: 2 Dysert

Camp Bodies: 3 Siemian

Analysis: Kubiak mentioned Dysert by name so if he impresses he has an outside shot at a roster spot. Most teams will carry 3 QB's even if that third spot is a waste. Kubiak has kept at least 3 QB's in each season as a head coach.

RB (3)

Starter: 22 Anderson

Backup: 28 Ball

Rotation: 23 Hillman

Camp Bodies: 35 Bibbs, 27 Stewart, 40 Thompson

Analysis: Thompson gives the Broncos a larger body and someone capable of flexing to the FB position, but I think a rotation of three especially when Anderson is going to be your work-horse is just fine.

FB (2)

Starter: 80 Casey

Backup: 42 Duncan

Analysis: Both of these players are flex players. I think both will make it and Casey can serve as the TE4.

TE (3)

Starters: 81 Daniels, 85 Green

Backup: 86 Jones

Camp Bodie(s): Marcel Jensen

Analysis: The Broncos might end up picking up another body but with Dominique Jones at about 270 you have a big body that can complement the pass catchers on the roster.

WR (5)

Starters: 88 Thomas, 10 Sanders

Backups: 14 Latimer, 12 Caldwell

WR/KR: 11 Norwood

Camp: 19 Burse, 16 Fowler, 13 Palmer, Patton, Porter, 87 Taylor, 15 Williams

Analysis: I know how people feel about Bubba Caldwell, but he knows the passing offense, has a comfort level with Peyton Manning, and most important is someone reliable who can sub any spot. Until another player gains a command over the playbook and gains Manning trust, he will stick.

As far as the 5th? I give it to the man who was going to be the 5th last year until he tore his ACL late in the pre-season. Jordan Norwood had that spot all but locked up before getting injured. He also provides the Broncos with a true option in the slot which seems like a better idea than just sticking Sanders there in order to get Latimer playing time.

Kyle Williams is a vet that has a shot to stick.

Someone I'll be watching is Jordan Taylor who flashes 4.5 speed at 6'5".

OL (9)

Starters: 78 Clady, 79 Schofield, 77 Gradkowski, 65 Vasquez, 74 Sambrailo

Reserve interior: 64 Smith, 73 Garcia, 79 Schofield, 63 Garland

Swing T: 75 Clark

Camp bodies: G Davis, C Day, C Paradis, T Rains, T Roberts

Analysis: The line is still a mess. In Phase 2 of OTAs your starters were Clady, Smith, Ramirez, Vasquez, and Clark. Ramirez is gone making the center position wide open, and I've never been convinced that the Shelley Smith signing was more than just a depth signing.

My gut tells me that Garcia is being groomed for next year. He has enough talent to start and I am not completely thrilled at the prospect of Gostkowski at Center. Sambrailo should come in and earn the gig at RT. But if he doesn't, my gut tells me that Chris Clark will be the guy. If the Broncos are looking to get the best players on the field, Schofield could be moved inside to LG.

There are a ton of configurations that can be justified. Until we know more I'll stick with this.


DL (7)

Starters: 95 Wolfe, 92 Williams, 97 Jackson

Backups: 96 Walker, 90 Smith, 76 Austin Jr., 98 Kilgo

Camp bodies: 93 Ndulue, 70 Watson, 91 Aninuke

Analysis: No clue on what will happen to Antonio Smith. If his legal issues prevent him from being employed, Kenny Aninuke has the inside track on that position. I really like Darius Kilgo and think he will stick. It could be he and Austin fighting for a roster spot. Austin's value as a 3-tech pass rusher in nickel situations is still valuable to the team.

ILB (4)

Starters: 54 Marshall, 59 Trevathan

Backups: 57 Barrow, 48 Barrett

Camp Bodies: 53 Johnson, 52 Nelson, 47 Anderson, 51 Davis, 50 Walker

Analysis: There are no surprises here. I've been pushing for Shaq Barrett on the inside, and if he is given the opportunity he should have no issues locking it up.

OLB (4)

Starters: 58 Miller, 94 Ware

Backups: 55 McCray, 56 Ray

Camp Bodies: 45 Mason, 99 Rivers, 49 Vaughn

Analysis: No surprises here. The Broncos boast perhaps the best edge-rushing quartet in the entire NFL.

CB (6)

Starters: 25 Harris Jr., 21 Talib

Backups: 29 Roby, 36 Webster

Depth: 37 Doss, 32 Carter

Camp bodies: 33 Brandon, 20 Bush, 39 Nixon, 38 Marsh

S (4)

Starters: 26 Stewart, 43 Ward

Backups: 31 Bolden, 30 Bruton Jr.

Camp bodies: 41 Furman, 34 Madison


The Broncos are loaded at the DB position. When your 5th/6th is a 4-year vet and 5th round draft pick you know you will have some serious competition just to even be recognized. Safety depth is still thin, but Bruton played well in a reserve role. For right now, Bolden's work on special teams gives him the edge over a couple of unknowns.

Offense Total: 25 players

Defense Total: 25 players

Special Teams:(3 players)

LS: 46 Brewer

P: 9 Schmitz

K: Barth

KR/PR: Norwood

Analysis: It's hard to let McManus go with that leg but the Broncos need accuracy at the position. I think this is the year Colquitt gets edged off the roster. Remember Schmitz is capable of kicking off and attempting field goals as well.

What are your thoughts MHR?