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Orlando Franklin says Phillip Rivers is more "approachable" than Peyton Manning

Will this add some more fire to the Broncos/Chargers rivalry?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

via an interview with PFT:

"[O]ne thing I noticed immediately when I got here is that Phillip Rivers is definitely more approachable than Peyton," Franklin said. "I don't know if it was because I was a lot younger being that I met Peyton in my second season and now meeting Phillip going into my fifth season but definitely I will say Phillip is more approachable than Peyton."

At first I was little bit vexed by Franklin's statement, but once you get past the homerism, it is pretty easy to understand. Peyton himself has expressed a difficulty in reaching some of the younger guys on the team. If I remember correctly, it was Peyton who stated that it's hard when the younger generation has never seen any of the classic comedic sports movies that he has. A large part in how one relates to the world around them is by experiences they have had their entire life. Franklin would have been born by the time Peyton was already in High School, that's a pretty large generational gap to overcome.

It goes both ways as well. Broncos fans might remember that Emmanuel Sanders said Peyton Manning was a "far better leader" than Ben Roethlisberger. Coincidence? Nah. Sanders went out and had his best year as a receiver in the NFL.

Orlando was one of the few Broncos that I can remember played with maximum effort in the playoff loss to the Colts. He kept his mouth shut, accepted demotion, and played well at a new position. That is how I will remember Orlando Franklin, and Broncos fans would be wise to follow suit.

Chalk this up in the "much ado about nothing" category.

Besides, we all know Rivers is....well...different.