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Horse Tracks: Draft grades of past and present

With the 2015 draft in the rear-view mirror, all the major news outlets take this time to boil it all down to a single letter grade. Of course, it's all a little premature since the 2015 class has yet to take a snap. That said, how did the Broncos do?

Elsa/Getty Images

First, let me say that I am by no means a draft-nik. When it comes to the later rounds, you could make some of the player's names up and I'd totally believe that the Broncos drafted them.

Like many of you I rely heavily on the opinion of those that spend vast amounts of time studying the McShays, Kipers, and Mayocks of the football world. If they say they're great, I'm all about giving them a thumbs up. You throw in a few colorful football metaphors (high motor, plays in a phonebooth, fluid hips, etc.), all the better.

After perusing YouTube highlight videos and reading the reactions, I'm usually left feeling a little hollow. That's why I seek out the draft grades. It's easier when it's all broken down to the 'A' through 'F' scale... Right?

So, how did the Denver Broncos grade out in the 2015 draft?

SB Nation - Thought we didn't do so hot. C+

Sports Illustrated - Thought we did okay. B

Fansided - Was not as high on Denver as their sister site Sports Illustrated. B-

CBS Sports - Thought slightly higher of the Broncos draft. B

Mile High Report - MHR readers chimed in on this poll and agreed. B

Fort Worth Business Press - Leave it to a a Texas-based publication to think higher of our draft than readers of MHR. B+

Even after reading everyone's reactions to the Broncos draft, it still feels a little empty. After all the waiting following the previous season, my patience is at an all-time low. Like many of you, I demand instant gratification and I want to know who is good and who isn't... now. Don't make me wait. I want to know right this minute! NOW!

Okay, knowing now just isn't going to be possible. Although, we can look into past draft and get a better idea of how we did (and how preposterous some of the predictions were).

So, step into my Delorean and let's look back together, shall we?


SB Nation

After investing in defense, they added yet another dynamic, jump-ball receiver for Peyton Manning in Cody Latimer, who can replace Eric Decker.



CBS Sports

Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina -- Williams' quickness and overall athleticism stunned talent evaluators who watched him at the UNC Pro Day...


Sports Illustrated

It sort of goes without saying since immediate draft grades are pure guesswork, but I have no clue what will happen with this Denver class.



Bleacher Report

Derek Wolfe over Devon Still and Jerel Worthy? Brock Osweiler over Kirk Cousins and Ronnie Hillman over Lamar Miller?



Sporting News

Von Miller and Rahim Moore will upgrade a defense that desperately needs it, and Orlando Franklin will help the offensive line.



Fox News

Yes, there have been many snickers around the NFL about coach Josh McDaniels being immature...


After looking these grades over, it's easy to say that pundits in the days following the draft have no idea what they're talking about.  Regardless, here's hoping that Elway and Kubiak know what they're doing and these fine young men that comprise the draft class of 2015 will be with us for a long time... or at least through training camp.


One of my favorite things about the draft are the hours immediately following. Bit by bit, the news of undrafted free agents signing with the Broncos makes me so excited. MHR's Ian Henson and Scotty Payne were all over it Saturday night as nine more Broncos joined the team.

For more a more detailed and in-depth look at the new undrafted Broncos, check out this link from