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Denver Broncos waive T Paul Cornick and WR Jeremy Kelley

This was a numbers move to get the Broncos roster back to 90 players.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the draft, the Broncos had 74 on the roster. After trading Manny Ramirez, they had 74, then added 9 through the draft (73) and 9 through UDFA signings (91). As of this morning the Broncos 6th round pick Darius Kilgo nor any of their 7th rounders were listed on the roster. Again this is just a logistical measure to make sure the Broncos would be at the limit. In fact they have one more spot left and will hold a tryout to fill it.

As for what this does to prospective depth charts? At RT you like have a pecking order of Clark, Schofield, and Sambrailo. The backup at that position would have to swing and be able to play LT. Though Chris Clark isn't well thought of in Broncos Country, he has played both positions. If I had to handicap the race right now? I'd say that Clark ends up your swing T while the loser between Schofield and Sambrailo ends up starting at LG.