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CJ Anderson handles Gase criticism with humor, class

When you worry your face will frown...and that will bring everybody down DON"T Worry....BE Happy!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In his presser today, former Broncos Offensive Coordinator praised current Bear RB Matt Forte for his physical conditioning while at the same time throwing a barb at former RB CJ Anderson:

"In Denver, C.J. would hate me for saying this, but he got tired and was a little chubby sometimes...I mean, he got worn down quick and then we had to rotate backs in last year."

I don't know about you, but if my former coach was talkin' smack about me, I'd be all up in there givin' him the business!

Instead? CJ showed some class and just laughed it off.

"Hey, everybody knows I'm a weight guy...My body can go up and down. But pretty much during the season I always maintain my same game weight, 218, 223. But I love Goose. I think he's a heckuva coach. He's smart. I'll always thank him for giving me an opportunity. As for his comment, I did think it was pretty funny. I love Goose and I'll see him week 11."

(via 9news)

Hmm, maybe there's more to it "I'll see him week 11."

CJ earned my admiration and respect with the way he ran the ball last fact he earned the admiration and respect of the front office as well. Even with a new regime, the decision-makers felt the backfield was fortified enough with CJ leading to not spend any draft capital on a shiny new RB.

Over a four game stretch late in the season, CJ Anderson compiled 109 carries (about 27 per game) for 478 yards and 5 TD. Anderson clearly has what it takes to be the workhorse in the Broncos backfield.

As far as passion, drive, and effort? CJ's got that in spades.