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2015 Broncos OTAs: Shane Ray practicing with the Broncos on Monday

The Broncos first round pick has joined the Broncos on the practice field for the first time this offseason

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports from today's Broncos OTA practices, first-round pick Shane Ray is taking part in individual drills today.

This is the first time that Ray has practiced for the Broncos since being selected in the first-round of last month's NFL Draft. He was dealing with a toe injury that he suffered during Missouri's bowl game. There were some concerns during the pre-draft process that Ray would need surgery on his toe, but the Broncos and multiple other doctors believed Ray just needed some rest.

Seeing Ray on the practice field this week isn't a huge surprise. Head Coach Gary Kubiak said last week that he expects to see him on the practice during this week practices.

"He's close," Kubiak said. "I think next week you'll see him do some individual (work) and those types of things. We fitted him with some orthotics. He's feeling good. He's done some work. He's done a lot of treatment."

I would expect the Broncos to continue to be cautious with Ray until Training Camp, and possibly during the early portions of Camp as well.

If Ray can get through this week's practices without any setbacks to his toe, it will be encouraging news to both Ray and the Broncos. I cannot wait to see Ray lining up on the edge and making quarterbacks lives miserable.

Go Broncos!