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Broncos O-line set heading into Training Camp?

After 3 OTA workout sessions and minicamp, the Broncos are reportedly set on a starting rotation at O-line heading into Training Camp.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Dennison cautioned later that folks shouldn't read too much into the initial lineup.


There is absolutely no reason 2nd round draft pick Ty Sambrilo should be in the position he is in. One season ending injury later, and the Broncos view him as the best initial option to replace Ryan Clady in the starting lineup. This may be subject to change, but many felt that once Clady went down, the natural replacement would be Chris Clark who did a decent job replacing Clady in 2013, yet struggled to perform at a consistent level at RT in 2014.

Gino Gradkowski faced perhaps the most competition at the center position with Matt Paradis and former Bronco Manny Ramirez in the mix.

Gradkowski and Paradis have done enough to give the decision makers confidence going forward.

What about Max Power?

Max Garcia is being brought along slowly. The team views him as the long-term solution at the center position and will take time to vet him along the offensive line. If he sees playing time in 2015, it will most likely come mid-season if the play of those ahead of him has taken a nosedive.


What happened to 2014 3rd round pick Michael Schofield? Even with Ryan Clady out of the lineup the T position was flush with bodies and possibilities. Instead of standing pat, the Broncos moved quickly to sign Ryan Harris who should be looked at as a reserve body who can compete for the swing T role. The Broncos already have two other players that fit that role however and Micheal Schofield is one of them. I remember reading not to long ago on twitter (IIRC) that Schofield was being looked at as an all-around utility player that could play inside and outside. That being the case, it's hard to imagine him pushing for starting time if the lineup remains intact.

Then there's Ben Garland

Ben Garland may become one of the greatest stories in Broncos history if he can maintain the starting role at LG. Garland is a hard-worker, someone who has earned his spot on the Broncos roster year in and year out. Remember that Garland was a defensive lineman just a couple of seasons ago. He has the athleticism and functional strength to excel at guard in the zone blocking scheme. When a player is able to stick to the roster time and again after going through intense roster battles, you can rest assured their effort on gameday will be hard to compete with.

Far too early OL prediction (8 players)

LT Chris Clark

LG Ben Garland

C Gino Gradkowski

RG Louis Vasquez

RT Ty Sambrailo


Michael Schofield

Max Garcia

Ryan Harris