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The Broncos need to sign left guard Evan Mathis

Get it done, Elway.

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Bowler Evan Mathis is suddenly on the market after the Eagles decided to release their starting left guard over a contract dispute. Mathis is one of the better guards in the entire NFL and would really help the Broncos offensive line.

The guys over at Pro Football Focus ranked Mathis as their 7th best player in the entire NFL a few weeks back.

Here's a blurb from their write up on Mathis.

This last season he was the top-ranked guard in the league by some distance, with a run-blocking grade of +40.2, more than twice as much as the next best guard. He has the perfect combination of size, speed, athleticism and technique and that mix of skills is even more prized within Chip Kelly’s offense that requires its linemen to work well on the move and not simply move a pile in front of them.

The Broncos NEED this guy.


(via Pro Football Focus)

Why this makes sense:

The Broncos offensive line is a huge question mark, and a pro-bowl caliber player like Mathis would be a huge addition. We currently have career backup Ben Garland and journeyman Shelley Smith competing for the left guard spot. Mathis is a much better player than both of those guys

He fits the zone-blocking scheme very well. He's quick, athletic, moves well on his feet and has solid technique. Also, Kubiak and the Broncos figure to run the ball a bit this season, and he's an excellent run blocker.

He would also help rookie Ty Sambrailo at left tackle. He could help with double teams, and just give the rookie a very good and experienced guy right nex to him.

If Mathis wants to come to a winner/playoff bound team he should really come to Denver.

It's obvious to everyone reading this right now why Mathis makes so much sense for the Broncos right now. Like I said, the Broncos really do NEED this guy.

Why this doesn't make sense:

His asking price and age. That's it.

He was going to make a little over $6 million this year and was in a contract spat with the Eagles.

He could be a little too pricey for the Broncos.

Also, He will be 34 years old in November. So at best he's probably looking at a one or two year deal.

Odds of the Broncos signing Mathis:

It's really hard to say at this time since there are no reports saying yes or no. It's 50/50 right now.

It's really going to come down to his asking price. If he truly does value winning, Denver makes a lot of sense. If he's looking for a payday from someone, I think the odds are against the Broncos.

I really hope it happens.

Do it, Elway.