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Brandon Marshall expects to be ready for Training Camp

The Broncos linebacker is expected to be ready to take part in drills when Training Camp begins

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos inside linebacker Brandon Marshall underwent surgery this offseason to repair a torn Lisfranc in his right foot. He has been rehabbing the injury during the Broncos offseason program and has yet to participate in practice.

That's all expected to change when the team meets again in late July. Marshall met with the media earlier today and said that the word right now is that he'll be ready for Training Camp.

"I should be able to do some drills at the start of training camp. I’m not sure about everything else but I know I’ll be able to do drills at the start of training camp."

Marshall will begin running for the first time since his surgery next week. He says he expects there to be some pain when he cuts on it, but nothing that will keep him off the field.

"I haven’t really done a whole lot on it; I do a lot in the training room. My trainer told me it will probably bother me a little bit throughout the whole year. Nothing to keep me out, but because the screws are in there, it’ll probably give me a little ailment after the game, after the practice."

Lisfranc injuries usually take around a year to totally recover from(as we saw with Ryan Clady in 2014), so hopefully Marshall will not be too hindered in 2015.

A new kneecap for Danny Trevathan:

Linebacker Danny Trevathan spoke to the media on Wednesday and told reporters that he has a completely new kneecap. Yes, you read that correctly MHR.

"I got a new kneecap. The old one is gone. It’s best foot forward. Anything can happen on any given Sunday and all you can do is lay it all out there, have no fear, take everything seriously and have fun. At the same time, I have no setbacks right now and it’s just fun being in with them and just working. Just keep getting better at something you were down about. You have a chance to make it better and go out there and show that you can still be one of the best in this league."

Many media outlets are running this story as if it's breaking news, but Mile High Reports own Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann interviewed Trevathan back in April and told us about his brand new kneecap.

Like Marshall, Trevathan has spent the majority of the offseason on the sideline, but he believes that he will be ready to participate in Training Camp.

"I think I’ll be ready but I’m just going to take it one day at a time. That’s all I can do. At the same time, I’m feeling better than I did before. I’m more confident and I’m just all-around a better person. I had a couple games—basically a year to take off, get my mind right and prepare for this season. It was tough. There are some things I’ve got to work on with this leg. I want this leg to be stronger than it’s ever been since I’ve been playing. I have to take that every day, attack my workout and therapy and I won’t have any problems this year."

Marshall and Trevathan are penciled in as the Broncos starting inside linebackers in 2015, but both have a ton of questions about their health going forward. Despite these questions, both Marshall and Trevathan are confident about their abilities and their looks.

Trevathan is looking at how cornerback Chris Harris and linebacker Von Miller rehabbed together in 2014 before having great seasons. He expects both he and Marshall to have similar success in 2015.

Von and Chris were together rehabbing and you saw how they came back. That’s what me and Brandon are taking out there. We want to be the best —the best fielding linebackers, the best-looking linebackers (laughing)—everything."

Go Broncos!